Just got a high end bong, need help with an ash catcher

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Should I add an AC?

  1. Yes, any will do

  2. Yes, but a simple one

  3. No

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    Ok so I just got the Leisure Glass - Swiss Tree Incycler for $880 and I need a little help in picking an AC. The bong is described to be used as a dab and flower piece and it is scientific so I have a few things to consider.

    I don't want to change to much of the characteristics (flavor/drag/diffusion/etc) and I don't want much more diffusion than I have, I think it will be enough. I've previously noted that ACs shouldn't be used that much on high end scientific pieces because of the characteristics change so that is what I'm trying to avoid while skipping a dirty bong. Since It its described as being both a dab and flower piece, I might be safe in adding an AC without loosing to much flavor but I'm really I'm not sure.

    I'm leaning towards a simple re/in-cycler AC, a Grav Labs Phoenix or Swiss Cheese but I guess that anything that avoids prevents ash and avoids drag works.

    Here is how the bong is described:
    • Stemless Design with female joint
    • Bent neck mouthpiece with flared lip
    • Perc 1: Gridded Puck Base Filter
    • Perc 2 : 6 Pillar Swiss Tree Perc
    • Internal Recycler Water Chamber
    • Slow drain Incycler
    • Rig joint: 14mm female
    • Scientific Glass
    • Height to top of mouthpiece: 11.5 inches
    • Height to top of rig joint: 5.5 inches
    • Flared foot base diameter: 4 inches

    Thanks in advance
  2. Sorry for the bump guys, won't keep doing it if it doesn't work this time but I would very much like your input.

    Best regards
  3. Holy fuck bro that is a killer piece. Actually soooo nice. But I recommend the Grab Lab Phoenix 90° as it's a good ash catcher, gets the job done, and is cheaper than the Swiss. Wish you best of luck with this, smoke on friend

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  4. Thanks for the recommendation and comments on the bong mate, much appreciated. Yeah, I'm leaning towards grav labs too. Would very much like to get a worked one but can't really find any satisfying ones. Since the piece by itself is all clear, would be nice to have a worked AC and slide.

    Grav labs seems that it would do what it needs to do, which is catch ash, and not change the characteristics too much.

    Best regards
  5. Grav labs on a liesure? I wouldn't get an Ash catcher. It's gonna change how your piece hits now.

    Wont be as smooth I guarantee that.

    There are high quality Ash catchers made by sovereignty and toro I'd choose before grav labs but again. You'll regret getting one.

    Ash catchers are ultimately for bongs that don't have any built in percs. You don't need to keep adding percs. In my opinion percs are lame and unnecessary .
  6. This is the reason I originally started the thread. It felt strange to modify such a high end piece since there has been a lot of thought into making it. I did how ever wanted to avoid ash and dirt buildup in the bong but that might not be a problem if I don't smoke to often.

    I've looked for high end ash catchers but there doesn't seem to be that many. Tried to get a worked one since the bong is clear but it is hard to find.

    Thanks for your input friend, much appreciated. I'll def take it into consideration.
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  7. I feel you will need an AC simply because two percs will make that a bitch to clean, no? I'd go with a simple one, maybe gravlabs, maybe something a bit more quality. If it isn't used I would take it to a headshop that you know well and see what they think.

  8. In order to keep the bong cleaner, I would just change the water after every session and make sure you use a screen (I prefer glass screens) in the bowl of your bong, that way you aren't pulling any of the ash through into the bong itself. I wouldn't bother adding an AC to this, looks like it fuckin rips as is
  9. People do realize you need to clean your bong to keep it clean?

    It's like cleaning your sheets or you know...anything else you own.

    Bong water( even though it may not contain a bunch of Ash, can still be dirty, and you CAN taste the difference of dirty bong water)

    Again, Ash catchers don't keep pieces clean, they help, but if your buying an Ash catcher to keep your piece clean then I don't know.

    There are products that help clean your bong clean without the use of Ash catchers. One user mentioned it above .

    1. Rez block. 5-10 squirts in your fresh water . Give it a good shake throughout and it'll help you when you go to clean your bong. No resin will stick to the walls of your bong. So cleaning isn't a nusence if you do it every 2-3 days or after 20-40 bowl rips.

    2. Piece water. Similar to rezblock no tar sticks to your sidewalls however application is different and so is the price. Id buy gallons of this shit if it wasn't so expensive
  10. I've always kept my bongs clean, clean them at least 1 time per week when I was smoking a lot, probably more. I was how ever trying to avoid cleaning that often, but I think I've come to a conclusion.

    Since I'm not smoking that much nowadays, maybe 1-2 times per month, maybe 2-3 times/week during a vacation, keeping the bong clean shouldn't be a problem. I can essentially clean it every time I use it without feeling that it is too much work. And really, I didn't want to change the characteristics of the piece. I tried using an AC on my peyote pillar and it changed the whole piece, never used it after that one time.

    I will how ever check out rez block and Piece water. Never heard of Piece water but it seems like a good option.

    In regards to bows and screens, I sadly wont be going glass screen (slide? if that is what you meant). I bought a glass screen slide as backup, but I also bought the below Dave Umbs slide. Since my piece is clear, I really wanted at least a little bit of work. I did buy some titanium screens though.


    I'll start a new topic for this, but I'm really not sure in the functionality between a push bowl and glass screen.

    Thanks for all the replies guys, you really helped a lot.

    Best regards
  11. Wait... So you owned a Peyote Pillar and are still asking this question... I would buy the most simple A/C you could find. since you just want something to catch lil resin an ash. It'll look kinda goofy adding an a/c to a piece that is 11inches tall. This reminds me of when having glass with all those percs was the in thing. I still love my inline to inline. Favorite piece will always be my simple beaker based RooR with a showerhead downstem.
  12. Question was asked cause I wanted an AC that didn't change the characteristics, specifically that. This because I had experience with AC changing functionality of a bong, but I really can't say if it was MY AC or ALL ACs. It also said that I wasn't sure if it was possible, as indicated by the poll options and rest of my posts.

    I'm not sure if there is an AC that can be used without fucking the scientific part of the bong up, so I needed help. I've been away from this for over two years so forgive my ignorance:) At some point I knew a little about glass but I've forgotten a lot.

    Ideal world would be an AC that dues exactly what the name states without changing the functionality of the bong. I have no clue if this exists. I used to have ACs on my other bongs though and it generally made them better.

  13. If you don't want more drag or diffusion just a cleaner piece, look into a sovereignty dry catcher, there's a glass company called zum glass who will also blow custom dry catchers, or and apix orb, they are literally just there to catch your ash, no percolation at all, I use one for my peyote pillar because there's plenty of defusion already.

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  14. I'll post pictures when I get home, my pillar is spotless but my dry cleaner is fucking filthy

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    Guy, this is exactly what I've been looking for, would love to see some pics. Got any info on Zum Glass? Tried to google it but wasn't very successful.

    I assume they don't change how the pillar works too much since I bet you've tried it both with and without. So so much appreciate the input.

    Might it be something like this? Seems to be working just the way I wanted.

    Big up to Dan at ApixDesign, guy is a fast at answering emails. I'll look for inspiration and see if I can bind my piece and the slide together with the AC while keeping the AC neutral enough to change slides.

  16. That looks like a zum glass piece right there look up zumglass instagram on google search bar that should get it for you

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  17. But good luck bro, happy I could help you, don't know what id do without my dry catcher

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  18. Man, in my country it is a bit strange, when someone does something really good we just say king, not you are the king or anything. So I cannot do anything else to say King TheKen:) Everyone has helped a lot but you've put some effort in and I appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

    Best regards
  19. Haha, I just got finished looking for the same thing for my self, always good to pass the knowledge

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