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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by LWD, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Hi GC,  I'd say the advantages of having my DBV one is the smell in the room afterwards.  When I toked a joint it would smell out the whole room and even permeate the rest of the house.  But with the DBV I vape and the smell is minimal and dissapears in a few minutes.  I turn the knob to about the 2 o' clock position and have to take a long slow drag to get anything.  Am I suppose to be exhaling a fat ass vapor cloud or is it suppose to be more like a thin cloud?  thanks for the read

  2. Preference honestly, as you increase heat you get thicker clouds but the taste degrades and vice versa. Glad your enjoying the dbv.

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    ^Just Smoke It said it well, increase heat to get thicker hits but your draw speed also effects temperature, so keep that in mind. I found what gave good hits at a medium draw and put the knob right at 12 so I can go there every time and if I want wispy hits I'll increase my draw speed and if I want thick hits I'll slow my draw speed to a crawl. :wave:

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