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Just got a 30mg addy

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by notrock, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Just got 30 mg instant release adderall. Ive done 1 25mg instant release adderall like a month ago and that was my only time so i have little or no tolerance to it. i wanna snort it before school tomrrow. Would snorting 30 mg basicly my first time be too much for me to handle and go to school with? i dont wanna be too fucked up i wanna be able to get by in the school day. How much better is snorting then taking it orraly?

    Also i have a court hearing at 7:45 at night and im plannin on taking it around 10 o clock in the morning. The court hearing has nothing to do with drugs but will all effects of the addaral be gone by the time i get there? Visible effects i dont think they will drug test me.
  2. just swallow it man..theres really no need to snort with a tolerance that low.

    unless you want your nose to burn like hell
  3. What would happen if i did snort it? would i get more of a high but without going overboard and making it noticable? Will taking it make it noticable? i dont want teachers noticing me being high

    I really need to know how long it will last too.
  4. drop that shit cutty. lasts like 8 hrs.
  5. your doing adderall to get high... thats cool

    high five bro.


  6. Well im also doing it because i wanna work more. In school i basicly put my head down and do nothing and i never do my homework. When i did it before i liked the high. Whats wrong with that?

  7. Maybe he enjoys the high just like you enjoy the high off weed?

    Judging people.....thats cool

    Low five bro.

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  8. exactly... there is nothing wrong with enjoying the high

  9. It would just hit your harder at first and come on a bit quicker. Generally, when you have something you can swallow you should just swallow it.
  10. dude that was like the best post ever.

    rep to you sir


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