Just fronted 100$

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  1. Alright so i fronted 100$ earlier for some bud and my friend was supposed to be chilling with the guy who is pickin up for us, My friend calls and says that hios bud is goign to pick up and drop off because my friend needs to find a ride to a city party.

    Anyways im not to keen on frontiong but since i know the guy a bit I decide to give him my cash, he says be back in 20.

    anyways after about 40 minutes I call my friend and straight to voicemail, so im like wtf... and then I call again and hes like "Oh fuck chubey you're gonna be pissed, he picked up for you but his mom wouldnt let him take his car out to bring it to you, we a are gonna make it up to you," Meanwhile im yelling like WTF, and he says calm down youll get your weed tomorrow...
    What shoudl i do?
  2. 1) never front
    2) just wait till tomorrow and get ur weed
  3. ***** dont you know the first rule of fight club?

  4. lol ay man just know when you front , you might get punked
  5. wait till tomorrow to see if you get your weed or not...
  6. Lmfao. I bet he's driving around smokeing your shit. His mama prolly high as hell too. Lmfao.
  7. i wonder if he'l get it back tomorrow lol theres a possibility of it .
  8. "his mom wouldn't let him "

  9. i hate to admit it BUT I have used the "mom excuse" before. But if you do get ripped off. its as much as your fault as it is the person that got one over you. And I know Ill get some slack for saying that.
  10. Maybe you should listen to the song "The 10 crack commandments"
    Never front anyone, and above all don't trust no one.
  11. i wish people fronted me money for weed..
  12. [quote name='"DEA"']i wish people fronted me money for weed..[/quote]

    Why u no just give me weed??
  13. Oh lord I remember my first time getting robbed. LOL
  14. [quote name='"Joerusalem"']Oh lord I remember my first time getting robbed. LOL[/quote]

    Nah it wasn't robbery. It was a donation lol
  15. It's whatever, My buddy says he promises ill get my weed, and that ill get a half o
    but ahaha i better. lol
  16. don't front. ever.

  17. You need to charge some interest.
  18. Over $100 you better be ready to fuck somebody up if you don't get your weed
  19. It must really suck to get weed like this.
  20. This should be the first thing members read when they register here.

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