Just ended my 2 week T-Break

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    As yall probably know, I was visiting my dad in FL, went 2 visit 4 a 2 week vacation... Pretty fun, people in his neighborohood were pretty rad. I didn't want to go smoke cuz I wanted 2 take a break. It aint like I couldn't smoke cuz i could but i aint want 2 except 4 a blunt the 1st 2 dayz..... lol....... I drank a lotta beer with my dad and his friends n shit pretty rad..... well anywho fuckin cocksucker, 2 weeks without smoking felt pretty good my mind feels a little refreshed you ya know???
    So, I got 2 the airport at home todat and one of my former aau coaches came 2 pick me up and drive me home... I had told him on the way 2 my crib cuz he was just drivn me hme he lives 3 blocks away hahahaha and i tell him I have to take a shit cuz I told him the peanuts on the plane is making me shit lol he drives to a 7-11 ..... I lied but I just wanted to get 2 strawberry swishers 4 a dollar.... I tested 2 bro's and this chick who cool lives 8 houses down and told them 2 get 2 my crib and 8 because I knew my mom had to go babysit my niece as my sister went out with friends at 8..I think they went to Chili's hahaha and I had 2 grams of good beasters and wanted to smoke it all but a bowl or 2 worth ... So, I am basically just telling you I feel fucking awesome and my high is so great ...... So, for anyone who wants to know, a 2 week t-break is WAY more than enough time 2 get a fucked up high feel again......BTW, I'm watchin the olympics and the China athletes are fucking phony. I bet their told 2 high 5 each other and shit in every event..
  2. Can you please follow even the most fundamental grammar rules when you post?

    That story was hard as hell to follow.
  3. Me and you have very similar situations. I'm visiting my Dad in Florida for 2 weeks, and I decided it would be nice to make it a t-break.

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