Just dropped acid

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  1. Hey GC Blades! :wave:
    Well I couldn't wait any more. I just had to do it:)
    I am by myself though, so any tips on keeping my cool by myself would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :D
  2. Try to stay mellow, and avoid too much outside stimulation,listen to some good music, take care and just remember your trippin' and any bad shit AIN"T REAL:smoking:
  3. ahh lucky you, any bad thought that pops in your head think about something else and remember thoughts can't hurt you. Other than that just listen to some music and fuckin chill out, im jealous I am eating shrooms in a couple days but I want to try acid.
  4. I'm not worried at all about a bad trip. I know i'm 100% ready for this. I've been having a great month also. So I think ill be fine.:D Should I smoke with it also? I have heard that it greatly enhances visuals.
  5. Good luck!

    I should be getting 3 hits tomorrow for my first tripping experience. WOO!
  6. Prepare for lift offffffffff. :hippie: Have a good trip man stay postive make up a play list of songs ya dig and just kick back in a stobe light or black light or a dimly light room smoke some bud play guitar...just do what you do....=P.
  7. I hope you have a great time relakit. Good vibes your way also:)
  8. Good vibes man. Hope you got dank buds to smoke and some good music to listen to (I just discovered The Avalanches and have been looking forward to listening to them on acid)

    If you start to feel uncomfortable body feelings don't become alarmed, this is just the beginning stages of ego death. Don't fight it, just accept the feelings and go along with your trip, fighting it will only make it worse. If you start to have a bad trip just remember, the effects WILL END, but there is no way to make it end sooner than it's natural duration.

    Here's a meditation from The Psychedelic Experience that I like and is good for the beginning of trips:

    O nobly-born, listen carefully:
    The Radiant Energy of the Seed
    From which come all living forms,
    Shoots forth and strikes against you
    With a light so brilliant that you will scarcely be able to look at it.
    Do not be frightened.
    This is the Source Energy which has been radiating for billions of years,
    Ever manifesting itself in different forms.
    Accept it.
    Do not try to intellectualize it.
    Do not play games with it.
    Merge with it.
    Let it flow through you.
    Lose yourself in it.
    Fuse in the Halo of Rainbow Light
    Into the core of the energy dance.
    Obtain Buddhahood in the Central Realm of the Densely Packed.
  9. good vibes to you
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    See if you can update us as shit happens. How many hits did you take? Me and my two friends are going to video chat and record it. Will be sick.
  11. Thank you so much everyone. Ill try and stay on and update you guys. If not Ill post a trip report as soon as possible :)
  12. aww your all happy :smoking:
  13. I am VERY happy. haha and i took 2 to start off with.
  14. how long does it take to peak?
  15. Don't up your dose any more. I think I remember reading that it would do anything if you take it after the initial dosage.

  16. Depends on your dose. On two tabs of potent acid I'd say at about +4:00, could be only +3:00 if they're weak doses. The higher the dose the longer it takes before you reach the peak, but you come up REALLY HARD.

    Taking more doses will make your trip stronger but the strength of the tabs is greatly diminished because your body builds up an immediate tolerance to LSD. What I've heard, and the general rule is that your tolerance becomes double, so it would take twice as much to have the same effect. This is more true the day after though, taking more the same day, might be more like 3:1 in effect. But it also depends how long you wait, if you only wait 30 minutes or even an hour then it will have a much stronger effect than if you wait until you're peaking to eat more. I'd say once you start tripping taking more is the least effective.
  17. Well Im not feeling anything yet.I did drop on a relatively full stomach though. Idkk if that has anything to do with it though.
  18. if your gonna bost do it within the first 2 hours, it will make your tripp last another hour or so
    terrance mckenna always said to go for the dose in one shot and not to over think the dose amount, your either ready or not, know your levels or dont
    i <3 Lysergicacid-Diethylamide 25!!,
    I just triped a few days ago, four hits of some potent white on white, clean trips
    but anyway, have a good time, be safe good vibes and good tunes,
    and dank nugs!
  19. is this your first time? how many hits?
    full stomach will do you drop another and than wait another hour if it dosnt hit you within two hours than its probably bunk.
  20. i took two hits.and yes this is my first time. I bought bunk shit so many times im hoping this is good though.

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