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Just Detoxed and..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lerf, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. So I just detoxed with my Omni Extra Strength Detoxification Formula, worth 40 bucks, told the vitamin lady I needed the best one that works. So I drank it, worked for 5 hours, ate 2 spicy wraps and a sprite, Drank 2 bottles of water; Now I'm awake and I'm pooping green and then after one poop I poop diarrhea green again. My pee also looks like mello Yello. I assume this is normal and everything is working as intended? I haven't pooped green in a long time.
  2. Sounds like you OD'd on Marijuana.
  3. Yes I'm a pretty heavy smoker, usually a 7-9 Grams/Week.
  4. sounds like your body is getting detoxed all that green was probably bad stuff you accumulated over the years. but thats just my guess i would probably google search this if i were you

  5. Still might fail.... lots of drug test fail you if your sample looks too diluted.
  6. i pooped out neon green poops when I drank certain gatorades before, they weren't even just green they looked like they were fuckin radioactive and almost was glowing
  7. I would assume that goes away once he's detoxed. Then he can go take the test.
  8. Well unless you just drank wanter you didn't truly detox. I'm sure those nasty chemicals in whatever the hell you drank is the cause of your... Well, problem.
  9. haha i don't have anything good to contribute but this post is funny as hell . but i also just got done ripping my new HVY bong soooo i guess just good luck with it man it sounds like its working to me. i'd ask the headshop you bought it from if thats normal
  10. It all the vitamins and shit that is changing the color of ur piss and shit. Alot of my friends that are really into working out will piss neon green from the massive multi vitamins they take.

    Also i have a friend that drinks so many monsters that he pisses neon green. It will go away soon.

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