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How often do you check on your plants?

  1. Every Day

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  2. Every Other Day

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  3. Every Couple of Days

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  4. I don't grow.

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  5. twice a day

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  6. more than twice a day

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  1. Hello All!

    Well, tomorrow morning I'll be posting pics of the "official" 2-week flowering period in which sex can be determined. I have indeed determined sex on both plants in the flowerbox. I will share the "findings" with everyone tomorrow.

    I didn't get to peek in at them this morning when I got home from work (I work nights) as the person who was supposed to take over my shift never showed up and I had to stay over for quite awhile to cover. I got home and was EXHAUSTED! I did an unprecedented thing..I went right to bed after work..unheard of for me, but like I said, I was beat! My "Just curious" subject refers to this: Do you other growers check on your plants every day or do you just let them be for a few days then check on them for watering and such?

    I like to check on mine daily, but it makes the growing time seem to take MUCH longer, if only in my own mind. Checking on how my plants are doing is one of the highlights of my day. I eagerly anticipate getting out of work so I can see how they are doing. I usually only spend about half an hour or so in my growroom to check water, light, recent growth, etc. etc. But, it makes it seem like such slow going. I do have patience..it's a must when growing, but...oh well c'est la vie.

    My plants have at least doubled in size since I put them in the box, due to either the HPS light, the flowering cycle or both. I realized that in all my pics I never put in a "comparison item". A lighter seems to be the item of choice on here, but I think I'll use something different..or maybe just put a lighter in as well just for kicks in tomorrow's pics. :D

    Just wondered.

    Please check out "Pic Pic Hooray" tomorrow for the next and latest update on how the planties are doing! I'll even have a question for you (semi) experienced growers out there in addition to my pics.

    Thanx Again all who are following my progress!

  2. lol, too often

  3. I wondered who edited it..That's cool..doesn't it make the grow seem to take a lot longer if you check on it a lot?
  4. I'm the same i check on them approx 4 times a day....that way if anythings wrong i can fix it fast....Peace out...Sid
  5. For some reason I'm unable to vote.
    However, my hubby checks on the plants once
    a day, sometimes twice a day.
    He's doin' something right because they're doing

  6. well if they were in my house i'd check them all the time, but mine are in a shed, and i got to walk across the yard in the cold.... so only every other day, sometimes i go weeks without checking them and just make my dad check em.

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