just choped there hanging to dry ,pics

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by leafman, May 27, 2010.

  1. lemon cheese (oh boy they small nice) veged for 6 weeks ,12/12 for 8 weeks ,bio bloom nutes,what ya all think?

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  2. shiiit i can smell the lemon from here QUICK DRY TASTE AND TELL US WHAT THAT SHIT TASTES LIKE
  3. yer man i may well do that.
  4. What do I thinl? I think I just creamed my pants :smoking:
  5. lmfao:smoking:
  6. i recommend atleast a 4-6 week cure before smoking it lol thatll make it taste like heaven and gods jizz combined, with a sprinkle of lemon cheese cake!

    Do it lol

    Jealous here by the way :cool:
  7. How many plants? Looks great!
  8. 6 plants ,dident really give them much nutes tbo ,no veging nutes and only a small ammount of bio bloom ,am happy with the results tho.

  9. Let us know what it weighs dry! :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  10. i will for sure ,any guesses?
  11. nice harvest man.

    you setup sounds like mine, and im about to harvest.

    im sure glad to hear that them pics had 6 plants worth, i was about to cry if you said like 1-2 plants.


    my results are going to look very similar, but a litttle bit less.

    good chit.
    post dry weightt when you know

  12. got any pics of the actual plants before u chopped em up ?

    if you have a wet weight, i can do some calculations and guess off of that.

    looks like atleast 4 nice dried oz's imo, most likely alot more. hard to tell from the pics/angles
  13. looks good man! k ill guess...... hmmmm 115g's. final answer lol
  14. Damn man, that harvest looks nice.
    Enjoy it!

    Hopefully I'll be getting something going here soon too :smoking:
  15. I say 96 lol
  16. 196g (6 oz)

    thats averaging an oz a plant which you have done i think
  17. cool i ll update on dry weight in around a week.
  18. 12 oz guys :p

    not ,ill let you know tomorrow ,there almost dry ..

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