Just cant get my hands on glass

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  1. Hey GC, i live in a small suburb of Houston, its a "perfect" town where the nearest head shop is about an hour away. since i dont have a car to drive up there does anyone have any suggestions for places i can go to get a piece? ive heard gas stations sell glass, has anyone gotten a piece from one? also this small news stand store at my mall used to have a box of small pieces and i bought a spoon and my friend dropped it only after a couple of uses :(, and i went to go buy another and they wehre like oh sorry we dont sell them anymore people where miss-using them hhahaha.
    so yeah, does anyone have any suggestions?

    ps- cant buy shit online, i still live with my parents

    pss- sorry everything is a crammed paragraph, im high
  2. save up money for an eighth and a piece, bribe someone to drive you to the headshop and offer to smoke blunts for the rides.
  3. If you had time to include this disclaimer you had time to go back and do some light editing

    How do you get around other times? Borrow your one of your parents' cars, ask a friend to drive you, I don't know many 18+ people who can't drum up a ride somewhere.
  4. Okay follow me on this one:


    Honestly, go to any sketchy looking convenience store (Not a national chain) and you will be able to purchase a glass pipe or bubbler almost guaranteed.
    Asian convenience stores are your best bet.

    Hell a convenience store near my high school turned out to be one of me and my friends' most used headshops.
    Called "Discount Mini Mart."
    We purchased a bong, 2-3 bubblers, our best grinder, and I got a sick dragon pipe from there.
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    Thank you! :D this is what im looking for, ill be sure to go to a store like that soon, theres a place like that near my house, im thinking about walking there like right now haha.

    btw the place at my mall that i talked about is own by these 2 really chill middle eastern guys, all those guys are pretty cool
  6. Just make one
  7. Record/video/pawn shops too... non-comercial chained ones
    like What'sThatSmell said... Just go in and ask if they have any glass...
    They'd probably bring you back where they have the adult porno material and shit and show you the glass.

  8. cool thanks dude, i went to an EZ pawn the other day and looked around, but it was really small and they sold really normal things. there's a giant pawn shop a little bit farther away, but i bet theyd sell something, its a guitar guns and gold shop.
  9. Just make a home made bong bro, theres tons of youtube vids on how to do it

    Just make sure to use a metal pen (I guess thats safer than a plastic pen lol, not really sure but I know plastic will fuck you up if you use it too many times) and a CLEAN socket, if the sockets not clean burning the grease will fuck you up

  10. trust me, ive made one too many homemade bongs and shit lol.
    need a trusty spoon to take places with me, but thanks for the thought
  11. what suburb of houston? i live in the woodlands and theres one of those little gas stations right down the street from me.
  12. Go to a cigarrete/smoke shop. They always have cheap glass there.
  13. Just order from grasscity no need to anywhere.

  14. sumbody are real good at readin hur hur hur

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