Just built my first aeroponic setup.

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  1. i just built my first aeroponic setup today. I used the following pieces. 1 50 gallon rubber maid container,1 633 gph pump, 1/2 sch 40 pvc pipe and fitting, and 22 360 degree sprayers. I have my piping sectioned off into 8 individual squares but there is water running throughout. will I be able to grow 8 plants out of this setup easily. I have to still get my 1000w light and fan with filter and tent for flower. how would I set the timer on this setup also.?


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  2. Hi! Looks nice. I am not sure if 8 plants would be optimal for this setup, could be to crowded fighting for the lights,  but hey, go ahead and try!
    When it comes to setting timer, i use 18/6 in veg.
    I am growing with this system  http://gb.eurohydro.com/dutchpot_aero.html
    and also with this baby  http://gb.eurohydro.com/panda_aero.html
    And i gotta say that compared to any other means of growing, the results are FANTASTIC. Aeroponic growing is the future of growing comercial cannabis!
    Keep on growing!
  3. It looks real good!
    sweet job.
    I would suggest only 6 plants, yield will improve & root mass less a pain!
    Veg Met. Hylide light  at 18on 6 off. Bloom Sodium light  at 12 / 12
    Pump timer on 15 min, off 30 min. play aroiund, we all do it different. 
    the roots do NEED some dry time to grow to the nutes.
  4. Looks nice! Well about that roots need dry time is not correct.
    Once you have the roots imersed in water they are good to go. What you dont want however is water that is not moving!! You need to circulate the water and keep it moving!
    I use this systems  http://gb.eurohydro.com/panda_aero.html
    And as you can see, the plants and roots are immersed in water 24 hour through the whole cycle. But the pump in this system is also going for 24 hours, so the water is constantly changing, and my roots are crystal white!!
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