Just broke up with her

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  1. A huge mix of emotions, obviously. We've been together for a long time... Living together for 2 1/2 years, together for 2 of em. When we broke up there was some tears on both sides, and she asked "Is it over then?" and I said, "I think we should be..."

    It just got to that point where I wasn't feeling it any more, ya know? It was really hard for me though, because I love the girl. I would do anything for her, and she's always the first person I think of. I'm just... not IN love with her any more; I just feel like she's my best friend and room mate.

    So, my question is, how awkward is this going to be? Things we should do/avoid doing to protect each others' feelings? We're both well adjusted, stable people, best friends (as mentioned) and we're living together until this Christmas.

    It feels good to be single :wave:, but it hurts that I hurt my best friend:(.
  2. You heard that Allstate commercial talking about 'breaking up is hard to do'? It's no easy feat, especially if you had feelings for said person and you can't bring yourself to hurt her. But guess what? Only you know if you should go forward with it. You're the one in the relationship with her, not just her alone. You have feelings to, so if you don't want to be with someone, you shouldn't force yourself just so she could be 'happy'. If she isn't happy with the outcome, too bad. She's not the only one committing to the relationship. Breaking up isn't meant to be an easy feat.
  3. Being that close to her(emotionally, physically, economically) , I think you'll probably fall back in love with her. This could be good or bad.
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    Northwest profile #28 - Guy who breaks up with gf, who also happens to be his roommate!!:hello:

    Well for obvious reasons I wouldn't bring home any other girls until your guy's lease is up. That's probably a given....annnnnddd I got $20 says you get back together at least once before christmas.

    Here's to you 'guy who breaks up with gf, who also happens to be his roommate' I'm like you....a little different

    god what's with the insurance quotes :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    I've felt this way.. sooo I know where your coming from.
    it blows~ but... I hope everything goes well for both sides,
    if it is for the better then g-luck<3
  6. We 'broke up' once before, but it was half hearted, and I wasn't sure it was the right move. Last time we broke up... I ended up asking her out and trying it again. I mean, we get along great... I care about her more than I should, and she loves (damnit) me. I used to be in love with her, and hoped/thought that if we were together again it could happen... The things you hope for against hope I guess...

    I'm really hoping we don't hook up again though, since I know it'll just make it all that much harder on the both of us.

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