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Just Broke My Friends Bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by imhigh7, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I was in my backyard hitting the bong with him :bongin: and a little piece of the bong (about the size of a 25¢) just felt on me.
    Then, all the bong water felt on my jeans. It was smelling like shit lol.

    But, I don't understand why the bong broke. I did not hit anything with it. I was just smoking really hard because the screen is full of res.

    Anyone have any idea how the bong broke ??

  2. what the fuck!?
  3. Pics? Maybe weak or already cracked glass and you pulling as hard as you could created a vacume inside causing the damage to worsen than when you stopped pulling the pressure dropped and the piece fell out.
  4. Best thing I can do cuz I don't have the bong at home

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  5. well lol uhh that seems like it wasn't really your fault for it breaking since you didn't hit it on anything
  6. This.

    And your glad your not my friend OP. lol... thats comin outta your fuckin pocket

  7. Yeah because he took too big of a rip on your shit chinese glass? :rolleyes:

  8. It was an accident, I wouldn't make my friend pay for it unless he did it on purpose. It was a clear case of spontaneous combustion.
  9. The heat coming from the downstem might have cracked the bottom. The same thing happened to me with a shitty homemade bong, it could have happened.
  10. It's not all that uncommon really, it happens all the time.. I've seen a few go that way myself, usually gathering/'party' bongs, which a number of people have man-handled.

    The base of many, especially cheaper (or to some, disposable) bongs may seem 'OK' after taking a few rough smacks on the table or any hard surface, but they will develop flawed areas or small cracks. Sometimes the damage is visible, sometimes it isn't, but eventually a usually triangular, or circular chunk will fall right out of the base, leaving the rest of the pipe fairly well intact. It could happen sooner, or it could continue to crack gradually, and break ages after the initial hit which caused the damage.

    If you notice early enough while it's still just a hairline crack you can sometimes bring your glass to a blower for a repair, they usually just remelt the area at the risk of potentially shattering it further (a risk or possibility you just have to accept, once it's already cracked). You should still treat it like flawed glass after such a repair.
    Some people instead choose to seal their bongs temporarily with candle wax, and other safe non-toxic sealants or adhesives once cracked and leaking occurs, but in the end even the slightest pressure causes it to worsen and it will eventually reach the point of no return.

    Have you ever watched those 'bong wars' videos? It's always the second or third hit that breaks the bong, even if it's a more gentle tap. If you know that you've clunked your bong against something solid a little too hard at some point, you'd better never do it again.
    Glass can take a few good thunks, and then it will lose its integrity, and from there on out you must be extra gentle every time you touch or put down the pipe, especially if there is visible damage, and even if there is not.

    This includes not allowing it to become clogged, which can build up too much pressure inside.

    Are you on good terms with this friend? He may not have even known about the flaw, but on the off chance he did and especially if you both know that you didn't smack it on anything solid during that session, don't let him make you take responsibility for the break. If you were using it normally and it broke, they're unfortunate circumstances, but it's not your fault. Chip in a few bucks if he's hard on you about it, but that's it.

    If you're both really good friends however and you easily have the money to spare, you're feeling generous, and you feel partly responsible because 'fate' decided that it would happen to be in your hands when it broke, then of course you can feel free to replace it.

    I probably would myself, just so long as I didn't feel like I was being intentionally conned into buying a "friend" (emphasis on the quotes) a new water pipe :)
  11. Thanks BadKittySmiles. We are in good terms and he saw the bong broke so he told me it's all cool =P

    U seem like a bong expert bro :smoke:
  12. You broke it, you bought it.

    Basic etiquette that should upheld to avoid hard feelings or looking like a cunt to your friends. :p
  13. prolly cuz the bong was made outta felt
  14. ive had 2 friends each brake one of my bongs or real expensive show pieces. Sucks ass. I never make them pay.....well the one guy a did cuse hes a doucher.
  15. :wave: Hey guys I just wanted to show you what I got in the mail!


    I’ve recently had a water pipe of mine break. It was horrible. It was accidentally set down on the floor too hard and the base just shattered.


    I replaced it not so long after and I wanted to find a way to prevent accidents like that from happening again .. and I found they have this thing called

    Das Boot - made with a rugged, machine-washable and practically indestructible neoprene synthetic rubber, and it has double-stitched side seams for the ultimate in long lasting water pipe protection and insulation. Available in two logos and two colors.

    I currently have the blue one on right now and it really does protect the base of my bong really well. It has a rubber bottom so when I set it down, I know that it’s not going to slide and tip over. To be honest with you, it’s exactly like one of those beer holders lol. And yes, it does take away from the look of my bong but $7.99 vs having to buy a new piece, looks a lot better to me. :smoke:


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