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  1. So my magic flight launch box just shipped today and I am so excited, but i have a few questions before i use it.
    How long should i charge the batteries for?
    Should i leave the bud in the trench if i don't finish it?
    How much bud should i put in one trench?
    thank you and i am really excited to use this! I am new to vaping so it should be awesome  :hello:

  2. I can't answer your questions, but let me know how it goes. I've been considering the MFLB and would dig a first-hand review. :smoke:
  3. Vape section guys! More mflb info there than you will ever need!
  4. Yup. What he said. Oh, and buy a grinder if you don't already have one.
    The finer the kind is, the kinder you'll find it.
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    The charger has lights that tell you when the batteries are charged.
    Yes, you can leave the bud in the trench for later.
    It's not a weighed amount you put in the trench. You use the depth of the trench as a guideline. i.e. not over the sides of the trench.
    And as stated above, if you don't have a grinder get one. Preferably a small two piece as they grind finer. The finer the grind the better your MFLB will be able to vape your trench.
  6. I bought a mflb once. Never even got to charge the batteries. Got one or two trenches off however much they came charged. got a Dui a few days later, lost over 700 bucks in pieces. Rest is history. Seemed like a cool gadget though.
    Stock charger takes around 3 hours to fully charge one set of batteries. Just wait till red light turn green.
    It's totally fine to leave trench half way through and finish it after couple of hours/days. I do this all the time.
    0.08-0.1 g is just fine. It depend on your grind but in my case it fill trench in 3/4.

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