just bought a new house and looking for ideas/help

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  1. I just bought a new house and there is a cold storage room that is a little larger than 5/5 feet wide, 16 feet long and about 6 feet high.

    I was joking around with my g/f that it would be an ideal place to setup a room, so I thought who better to think up the best way to utilize this space then the fine people on GC.

    Now because this is imaginary cost really isn't going to be the main issue here. But the challenge is to keep wattage under 3k and design this to be buildable in steps cause not many people will front $15k to do it.

    Here's my idea.

    completely air sealed room using hydro innovation's water cooling system (dehumidifyer and CO2 generator) $6k

    now I would build three 4x4 screens on rollers so it can be moved around. I would go RDWC with 4 buckets plus a rez each with a completely self contained system.

    what I would also do is build a divider at the 12' mark and use one side for flowering then on the other I've have a RO storage tank and a 1k watt MH bulb with a 4th screen being used for vegging.

    the system would go 4weeks veg under MH then I'd roll the screen down the line into the flower room. Every month I'd be moving a new screen down the line cropping the plants that are finishing flowering at the end of the line.

    Strains would be a rotation of Durban Poison, White Widow, AK 48, and BC God Bud.

    I defenately see at least a couple complications with this dream so if you have any suggestions, ideas, or completely different setups then lets hear them.
  2. i would definitely suggest that u look into a light mover or two, covers lots of room it would reduce the amount of watts needed
  3. I was under the assumption that light movers weren't that good since they do fail and just spread the lumens over a larger area reducing the amount each plant gets

  4. your correct... movers are also hard to cool because the ducting has to move causing problems.. and sometimes the mover's stick...

    i think you could do it much cheaper than your projecting.. but first, where is this room in relation to a house? underground?

    need an actual budget... and you need to pic what you plan to get out of this system.. projected output...

    then sit down and use paint and make a mockup of what you plan to do...

    add some pics of the new room in question... people will chime in
  5. ok drew out a quick example now how do i upload it to this site?

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  6. that makes sense never used them personally but heard good things, that drawing makes me jealous not able to do any thing like that in my house bummer for me good luck for u
  7. Upon reflexion I'm thinking going 3x 600w for flower and 1x 600w MH for veg would be a better way to go.

    this would still produce more than enough to satisfy my current need BUT I would still make sure to buy those adjustable balasts (I believe the 1k watt can be lowered to 600w) so that way options are still there.
  8. update.

    Ok maybe someone out here can help. I just had the home inspected and the inspector noticed that there was a bit of water seepage. Minimal but still there. Also, he mentioned that there may be a bit of mold because the concrete is damp.

    I know that the whole area can be scrubbed down with a bleach/mold killing solution (i hear there are many different types available) BUT I'm wondering if there is a type of sealant that I can also use to spray down the entire area so that if I was to frame it out to air seal and insulate the room the wood won't rot.
  9. This product called Drylok. It seals any water from getting in.

    Not cheap though, 50 bucks for a pail. But I've used it, and it's been holding up for 2 years now, no water seepage so far.
  10. yes Drylok and i also got a tub...but the big one and it was around $100-

    you cant put a price on this hobby..haha its never enough
  11. Ensano, is there any place on your house or around that area of the house where the ground slopes towards your house? In my experience most basement water issues are due to gutters draining right next to the house or the ground not being sloped away from the house. Of course if it didn't just rain and you have that problem then my advice is not as relevant.
  12. Make sure to involve your girlfriend in to the growing process as deep as you can , so that way when you guys brake up it would be in her best interest not to rat on you.:wave:

  13. that's the exact thing the home inspector said. It's really mild here right now and a lot of snow is melting and water seems to be pooling a bit a long the outside of that wall. The rest of the basement is dry as a bone so he made a few suggestions about sloping and that is definately in the to do pile for this summer but I still want to cover all my bases and protect any wooden construction inside.

    I don't want to pull down that wall next winter and see an entire wall covered in rotting wood and mold.

  14. g/f is involved with the process, not so much for protection but more for a shared interest. But yeah she's learning a lot

  15. Get that taken care of asap!

    I've actually been lucky enough to say that most of the women I've been with in my life I could trust with anything. But I'm young and most of them I grew up in school. I'm not going to tell you that you can't involve your girlfriend because I don't know your situation. But if this girl is anything but completely trustworthy then you've already screwing your self. You also have to remember that breakups can be hard on people and can make them do things that they normally wouldn't. Is she the kind of person that cares enough about people in general that she wouldn't wish harm on anyone, even someone she hates to death? If not you're screwed. Not trying to be harsh. I just think it's a realty you have to deal with. We don't want you getting in trouble.
  16. yeah I understand what everyone is saying about the g/f. This is a house we are buying together and we are in a normal long-term relationship. we've been together for almost 2 years and plan on being married in not that long of a time.

    I know that doesn't guarantee anything but right now she's 1 of 2 people who know where the bodies are buried so if i'm going down based off what she tells someone this information would be irrelevant.

  17. I hear you man! My gf (now wife) and I went in on a house together and got married the next year. We were together for about 2 years before we got married. It's worked well for us ;)

  18. Part of me hopes your joking :eek: part of me says nice!:D I foresee no problem

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