just blaze's first grow

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  1. My setup currently is:
    tinfoil lined box
    1 42w bulb equal to 150w
    one exhaust fan
    potting: 8oz cups

    they germed in 2 days, i planted them and stuck them under the light that was only 3 inches about it, and in a couple hours i threw an exhaust fan in there...that's the set up right now, but adding lots of shit later, so i'll repost the new set up later... this is what i got right now:

    they had about 8 hours of no light last night, but they are on the 18/6 now, i just got my timer...B seems to be doing much worse, and i'm curious as to why everything is pointing up on that one.

    A - 1/2 inch
    B - less than a 1/4 inch

    A, in the picture it looks like it's tipping over but it's straight up although the round leaves are a little droopy, and B i know the picture blurry but all the leaves are pointing upwards...i don't know if that's weird or not

    Picture 1 is day 4 of plant A
    Picture 2 is day 3 of plant B

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  2. you still there matey? wassup?

  3. i stopped that one, just wasn't prepared for it, but i got one going right now outdoors 2 weeks old i'm going to make a new grow journal later tonight

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