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just because...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. i seek three and only three

    you need only ask and you shall be notified

    you have been chosen.



    arent i a crazy ol chap
  2. I wish to be one of the three.
    Because I trust you with my life, Namron. Do with me what you will (no sex).
  3. as soon as the other two are recognized lighting will fill the skys and our purpose will be revealed
  4. i too if i may.

    do we have to wear legion crazy shit? and swords? do we get swords?

    nam with excalibong. :D hehe
  5. you too are in my motley crew.
  6. I'm curious as to who the third is.

  7. Do I hear thunder?
  8. so now we have a team of nam and the three, and a mascot/groupy/cheerleader or whatever hempress wants to be... whats the plan oh nam?
  9. I like badgers with umbrellas, does that count?
  10. c'mon namron, we're waiting!
  11. *steps in*

    If we get to poke things with swords, then consider me a unofficial #4..;D

  12. I'll go with groupy...the parties are cooler for groupies :)
  13. hey you guys can do what ever you want...... i'll just follow you around as you fuck shit up......drinking beers and getting bent.....

    plus you always need a drunk with a camera to keep record... :D

  14. thaaats whats been missing from my life! :D
  15. i'm still waiting to find out what this is all about.
  16. first and foremost...



    Enigmatic Mind a very spectacular piece that i came into caretaker status bong


    you must see

    this three stuff

    it is about whatever you want it to be about, this is your motivation to change the world, i know for a fact that we all have very capable minds..its an 'excuse' for anything.

    hot chick entering the life of namron once again.
    i would have a more substantial rant, but i had a very substantial close to hungover
  17. hey norm, i know i get in...other than you i am the only one that has had a EME hit...

    you should come up wiht a ramdom act or phrase we all have to put into do or use once a day

    just a suggestion, and i know you would love comming up with stuff.
  18. i think youre all completely insane
  19. "i think youre all completely insane"

    it's the reefer madness!

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