Just ate an eighth of shrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by craigiscool, May 22, 2004.

  1. Well, bout 1 a min a ago i eat em all. Anyone on them before? I just wondering the time to kick in, how long they last, what be going on.. such info like that. Any help would be appreciated :) -Craig
  2. shrooms r crazy. u just chill when u take them.. take about 1/2 hour to kick in... lasts 4-8 hours. tell me how u like them :)
  3. haha aight man. Thanks for the info. I keep you updated man. -Craig

  4. Are you tripping by yourself for the first time?
  5. yea. this is the situation though. My bet frined and i were ognna spend the night here cause my parents are going toa concert. but he couldnt stay so he had to go. but we both just ate an eighth each. When my parents leave, he come back and chill till bout 10ish. So it will be me, him, and my sister who can really care less. But if he cant come back, then it be me and my sister. I and yes this is my first itme trippin on shrooms, i have done dxm and weed thats it.
  6. hmmmm, something is odd with this post... I can't quite pick it out, read over everything up until this reply and see if you all notice anything differant.

    But enough of me complaining, you'll be fucked up pretty bad if you don't watch some cartoons or something to keep you ina happy mood. Just listen to all your favorite CD's that don't have really low notes in them.
  7. wwwhhhhaaaat. Watch happy stuff?
  8. are you feeling anything yet? It's been near 1/2 an hour.
  9. no, not really. I still just sittin here chillin.
  10. yeah, like watch some Tom and Jerry cartoons or maybe the Teletubbies. Then listen to those kid songs where they tell you how to count and sing the ABC's
  11. naw man.. i am fine right now.. but if i start to notice myself going crazy... i go turn some shit on lol.
  12. i think you have some weak as shrooms man, it's been close to 45 minutes and you feel nothing?
  13. man this fucking sucks ass
  14. smoke a joint man, it'll be ok. The most important thing is to keep happy though, it might kick in while you're all upset about it and you'll get a bad trip!
  15. okay.. this is a really shitty time. Nothing is happening man. not cool
  16. can u like call ur freind and see if hes feelin anything? and if hes not did u guys buy from the same dude?
  17. Naw man.. he is absolutely gone man. He is over here chillin. But he is totally trippin. Kid has a bottle of spray cheese, and going crazy with it lol. i gonna go smokem a bowl and be back.
  18. i know how it is man... i never react the same way as my friends with drugs... whatever we do, they always feel it 10x more than i do... hope you felt SOMETHING after eating an eighth of nasty shrooms... only time i've ever tried them i had about three grams and then i smoked a bowl with my buds.. they were having the time of their life, and i just felt high from the weed we smoked.. oh well, hope it got better!
  19. Well, i think i am definatly better. Erik is insanely tripping. What appen. My parents left. So i am home alone with my sister. Erik came back. Very interesting story, he came back trippin as fuck! Totally smashed laughing. He was absolutely all smiles high. then i came to get him. He parked at the end of my neighborhood. So i went to meet him. We walked to my hosue and went intside. We were chilling, but then smoked a bowl of weed. Good dank shit wow. Now, i am totally chilled out. I love this feleing lo0l. Ok.. let me stop lol. I am doing this right now. Tripping on shrooms for the first time. Then i smoked weed. And have two tropical kiwi and strawberry dirnks. Both with vodka in them. I am absolutely gone man. Lovein every second of this lol. and it is starting to thuner here, so i will be going now. I hink i wil lgo pass my time by watching tv or playin some ps2. I am out. -Craig
    ps. shorms , alcohol, and weed.. sick conversation. Wtf conversation... iu mean combination lol. wow man.

  20. lol good for you man, sounds like fun

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