just ate a maijuana lollipop

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    ok blades so I just ate ythis lollipop straight from a cali dispensary..im in ny

    It tasted like straight hash oil and was chalky and kind of nasty when chewed but i just ate the whole thing and washed it down with water.

    What should i be expecting. I heard from the person it was from that only half of this will do the trick..i ate it all lol

  2. Wait and see bro
  3. where in ny homie
  4. western, you?
  5. sounds like you're gonna have a good night.
  6. Im jealous man.

  7. um no way dude..its called having connects...its legit trust me, dont be hatin
  8. whatev bro ur obviously a know it all
  9. Dont stress. That dude has no clue what hes talkin about haha we used to get lollis shipped all the time.
  10. LOL i had some sent to me from canada, each one had .7 of tangerine dream in it
  11. Kush Pops are where it's at!
  12. Did the sucker work?:D

    I make my own, they are not gritty or chalky, they taste very good as I make them with many flavors (favorite is coffee or pomegranate) and the shit works really well.:smoking:
  13. [quote name='"PerryThatHoe"']

    Bro.. I have the connects.. Trust me. 1000 A lb of what ever is going on the dispen shelfs.. 100$ an ounce of hash. Even this dude and everybody he knows doesn't fuck with them lollis[/quote]

    Yeah ,yeah, keep talking yourself up, no body cares, this is a WEED forum you have no idea how in demand edibles are, and if you can get good high quality has for a hund a ounce good for you, but no body cares. i havnt paid for hash in 15 years since I learned how to make good BHO oil, so a pound of bho cost me about 70 so your not the only one, over half this site gets buds and hash for nothing. So you ain't anything special mate.

    I'm a little tea pot short and stout
  14. I wish I was part of that group :(
  15. you should be smacked for this falsified information:wave:.
  16. Lmao @ $100/oz for hash.
    I lol at you, sir.
  17. it worked! i still feel a little bit groggy this morning lol
  18. in cali you can get mids around 800 and dank around 1600.. one time my connect had 5 dollars grams of some fire hash so thats 140 a oz
  19. Oh my god.. Pomegranate

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