Just ate 10 pills

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by XTC, Feb 23, 2009.

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    2 2mg kpins
    2 10mg valium
    2 6mg bromazepam
    2 350mg soma
    2 40mg inderal

    will update later, peace
  2. wow thats smart.
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    they synergize
  4. have a good time brotha
  5. I dont ever really do pills.

    But dont you think thats a bitt much ?
  6. Uh..too much. I don't know what you're trying to accomplish
  7. youre not trying to remember something hahahah
    you have such a wide variety of pills i envy you
  8. I don't see the point of the valium or the inderal..

    Enjoy though.
  9. Enjoy dude...and be safe your kidneys and liver HATE YOU LOL
  10. 2 6mg bromazepam
    2 40mg inderal

    what are those 2 pills. I'm curious, never heard of them.
  11. Good night sleep tight dont the the demons bite ,,,, Holy shnikies hang in there . Must have quite a tollerance. be carefull. If ya need a friend Jratliff3@kc.rr.com later.:confused::confused:
  12. Bromazepam is a benzo with a 3:5 dose ratio to valium (3mg = 5mg valium).

    And inderal is a beta-blocker which slows heart rate and blocks absorption of adrenaline(?) if I'm not mistaken.
  13. The Inderal potentiates benzo's I do belieeeeeve.
  14. are you trying to forget something
  15. He's trying to forget what he took, but typed it out juuuust in case. hahah

    Edit, made no sense to me really...........I'm beginning to belive im.....ON DRUGS
  16. yo X be carefull dude, u dont want to die do ya?
  17. Benzo OD's are rarely fatal and I could shit on OP's list with how many I've taken/mixed before.

    OP will be fine, please stop saying/thinking that hes going to die.

  18. Yea the OP is fine

    have a good time mayn

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