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  1. Alcohol prohibition was a complete failure as is the war on marijuana they should just realize that the american people are not gonna quit drinking beer or liquor, and smoke pot and repeal that damn law outlawing marijuana, which shouldn't be a law in the first place since prohibition laws go against what the constitution was all about freedom not prohibition yet now we have so many laws limiting what we can do. America the land of Freedom???? how can they make such a claim when a man of legal age can't legally sit in his own house and smoke a j??? how free is that??? laws are supposed to protect us from other people and keepin gus safe not telling us what we can or can't do!!! our government is so hypocritical and have strayed so much from those great men that founded this country and came up with the constitution which was at one time the greatest document and idea for governing the people by the people but now even though 80 million americans use marijuana our government still has not done anything to repeal this unjust and unconstitutional law.

    My Two Cents
  2. HIGH Freakin' 5 !!!!!!!! :smoking: :hippie:
  3. It's all the hothead conservatives out there who don't want to admit there needs to be a reform in marijuana laws. And the stuffy old bastards in the Supreme Court who are blinded by their political agendas so badly they refuse to recognize even the slightest medical benefits of the green.

    Hemp, a cousin to marijuana, could help us preserve our environment, and is a very profitable crop which could give our economy a big boost, however our country refuses to lift the ban on it. We could even make gasoline w/ hemp as one of its main physical properties, but with Big Oil Man Bush in office, that'll never happen.

    It's still illegal because of POLITICS and IGNORANCE. Jump in the politic game and show them that there are enough people that want a change, and maybe they'll start to listen!!
    Write to your congresspeople!

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