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Just another newbie tryin to look for help

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by tabou21, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. Hey all...my first post.This is an awesome sight.ive been a smoker of the green stuff for some time but wanted to grow some so i looked for sites and got this one.i lucked out.

    anyway, i started just a plant about 2 weeks ago its about 6 inches high.looks to be doing good.my question is how can you tell the difference between males and females.i do realize this must be a common question,please keep in mind im a newbie at growing not smokin.anyway this sight is happenin,plannin on stayin a while.hope to hear from some good experts.
  2. Go to the growfaq's forum they will give you a good start on all your questions. Peace Out... Crocodile:)
  3. thanx for the info ill do that
  4. welcome to the board man!
    I am somewhat of a newbie too, but I find the city to be a much friendlier environment than the other boards out there.

  5. Hey man thanx...this sight is pretty cool.i plan to be really active here.i belong to a couple of other boards set up like this so i should be able to be active here.anyway thanx again.hope we can chat some time,have a lil bud,get faded. lol....
  6. hey crocidile ...where is the growfaqs at? i think im lookin all but the right place.could you send me a link?thanx....
  7. there is no grow faqs forum this can be for two reasons crocidile is completely burnt or since your new hes screwing with you
  8. [​IMG]
  9. ndicabud i went to that link theres lots of info here good site

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