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  1. Right now I am drunk as fuck but honestly smoking is more enjoyable. I can do shit while high but drunk? It is smart not to....Drinking is fun but not something I could incorporate in my life style. Weed and booze both have a time and a place but honestly....herb over poision! this is pretty crazy though. Sorry gor my irrelvavnt comments but I just had to express myself. I know looking back on this I will look like a complete dumbass.
  2. Why can't people mix their weed and alchohol? I've never gotten sick or stupid doing it. I puke when I puke when I'm too drunk.
  3. na dude youre right. Smoking you can do as a daily routine and still be productive. Drinking is fun at the right time, but smoking you can do whenever.
  4. Agreed. I use to drink every weekend with my friends, but once I started smoking normally I lost most interest in alcohol. Now, don't get me wrong, I still drink with friends on the weekends, but rarely and usually only if it's a special occasion. Once football season comes around I start drinking much more, but once it's over I'm back to my ways again. Roll tide!
  5. You have to learn to drink in moderation. Sip your drinks, don't guzzle. And there's no need to get drunk. Drink slowly, and enjoy it. That's what it's for, enjoyment. A joint, and two drinks is my limit, but I can make two drinks last all night. And I feel great, both at the time, and the next morning. ;)
  6. Just an opinion, drinking is more fun, and way more enjoyable.

  8. word of the wise. to me though, smoking some herb is more enjoyable. How is this legal while weed isn't? I am so messed up but weed? I can actually funtion.

  9. I had like 10 drinks mayb e more? I lost count. Wow looking back on my writing I look like a tool/dumb ass.....but I a m normally not like this.
  10. nah, your cool dude. they are just completely different substances for me. I use to be really into the partying/drinking scene, but the effects it had on my body...we're not good. I still like going out, and partying sometimes, but no where near as much as I used to. Weed, like you said, just fits into my lifestyle better. I like being high more than I like being drunk. Well, i like being drunk..it's just afterwards, and knowing what i just did to my body that get's me down. My liver started causing me some mild pain, that's when i knew i had to stop/considerably slow down.

    Anyway, i'm getting into psychedelics now, so we'll leave the booze behind for a while...

  11. I don't usually drink.. MAYBE once every 3 months so I don't make it a habit.
  12. You sound fucked up. Take another shot since you don't drink that often. Have yourself a night. Take a shot, and then light up a joint, and blast your favorite music.
  13. It's really easy to go overboard with alcohol.

    My general rule of thumb is 1 beer per 25 min to maintain a buzz

    Or 1 shot of hard liquor per 25 minutes to maintain that same buzz

    But hey, some people don't like mixing alcohol and marijuana.

  14. Herbless atm. but I dont do this while dry. This isn't a substitute though! When I am dry I usually just deal with it! soberness is just as good as not sober. But sometime giving into temptaion isn't all that bad! Just gotta know know your limit.
  15. I've gotten way more shit done while on alcohol. I've gotten job interviews in the bag because I was a tad buzzed. I get more stuff done around the house after a few beers.
  16. I dont drink often but when I do it's with the intention of getting fucken hammered

  17. Same here my brother!
  18. *UPDATE* I feel like shit. Looking back on this thread, I look like a buffoon. I couldn't wait to sober up last night....and I don't feel so well. I already blew chunks in the toilet and round 2 may be on its way =( This is a never again scenario......Strictly herb from now on. Drinking, to me, is not really enjoyable at all!
  19. Yeah, I guess you can say Ima puss =P
  20. I can drink only one beer and STILL have the worst hangovers. It's ridiculous.

    Drinking makes me feel like shit about an hour after. ALWAYS a headache.

    Bud is the way to go for me.

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