Just adopted a puppy

Discussion in 'Pets' started by notime4schwag, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. First time dog owner here :) Adopted this little guy Friday night I think he's a miniature pinscher he's like the size of a cat. They said he's about 8 months old and fully grown. So far he's been a good boy he's well behaved at home loves his rawhide bones and is doing his business outside. He slept in bed with us last night he refused not to. Anyway I'm very excited always wanted to own a dog :)


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  2. Happy that you're doing well with the puppy
  3. Thats awesome he's house trained! Looks like a happy dog.
  4. He's a cute dog I like his mittens/legs
  5. you are so awesome for doing such a wonderful act of kindness!! that little guy is so darn cute!! :hello:
  6. Are you sure that's not El Chupacabra?  o_O 
    Just kidding.  Cute Puppy.   

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