Just a very depressing night.

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  1. Today, I woke up, intending on getting a ten bag and smoking with this girl. Thing's went from pretty good, to not so good, because she couldn't smoke with me after all. From that point, I intended on getting a few hits of L, that didn't work out. Thing's aren't going very well at all by now, but thing's got better from there when my dad asks me if I want to go see Surrogates. I said sure, because I wanted to see that movie anyway. Keep in mind, however, that I'm just burning off a few hours sitting on my ass, waiting until 7:00pm when we go see the movie. This is valuable time that I could use to pick up, if I wanted to, but I had pretty much given up on smoking at this point, and was content with the situation. (Forgot to add, this is Homecoming Night, and the dance gets out at 10:30pm. I did not go, but my friends did.) So after seeing Surrogates, it put me in a relatively tranquil mood, and afterwards, I had a fire out back with my dad. We were talking about life and everything, having a pretty meaningful conversation and all, and I was in a very relaxed state. All of a sudden, it's 10:30pm, and I get a call from my buddy, saying Homecoming is over, and it's party time, so I should meet him at 7 11. This gets me thinking my night will end well. If only I knew how wrong I was...

    Soooo... I get to 7 11, with all my stuff: bowl, lighter, money for bud, music. I intended on just picking up while waiting at 7 11 for my friends. This is when the shit REALLY hits the fan. All my guys couldn't get me any, too busy and whatnot, so I'm like, *sigh* It ain't that bad I guess. So, we end up about to take off from 7 11, when as we're walking away, a gangster/stoner/raver kind of guy gets out of a car and asks me if i have a lighter. I say no and continue doing whatever, fooling around/leaving, Then, right as the guys are taking off, I'm like lagging behind, I notice the guy walk out of 7 11, with an apple, and get in his car with his friend, and begin carving the apple a bit. At this point, I have to haul ass just to get caught up with my pals, so I could not even hope to get some green from these guys who were CLEARLY about to smoke. So I end up here, at my buddy's place, no bud, and hardly any entertainment. Fucking shit...
  2. So, whats at the "party"? No pussy, no booze? No one else has green?

    Damn, shitty night indeed.
  3. lol dam they was about to hit the apple @ 7-11 lol crazy

    sry about ur night man....
  4. Wow, if that's depressing your life is fuckin' excellent.
  5. You think that's a bad night?

    My roommate and I got into a fist fight and he ended up going to the hospital (just for a broken nose, but still). Things are gonna be fuckin awkward to say the least these next few days...
  6. ya, and I worked all day and now I am sitting by myself at night.

    things could be worse :D
  7. Yeah, it definitely could have been worse, just the past like four weekends have been so amazing, this was a real bummer. But I blazed today so it's all good! :D
  8. I was expecting someone to die...misleading title.
  9. The good ole apple pipe! sigh...I remember those days.

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