just a toker form Tucson

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    hey everyone whats up :D im just a toker from tucson but i havent been sparkin up as oftain as id like cause its dry season here in town or atleast for me :( im hopefully starting a grow soon so ill keep you guys updated on that if and when it happenes

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  3. You need to get out and about, there's a plethera of top quality bud around. In the last few weeks I have picked up;
    Candy Jack
    Afghan Kush
    Bubble Gum Kush
    Girl Scout Cookies
    Mango Haze
    And more.
    No hook up requests though, I ain't playing that chit. :smoke:
  4. Damn, those sound good. I found some good strains in Phoenix while I lived there...though I'm from illinois originally where it's definitely a who-you-know sorta thing. Anyway, I'm sure I'll run into some nice things. It tends to happen. Good luck ya'll.

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