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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by ChargedUpx3, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Has anyone watched "What the bleep do we know"?

    During one part of it they talk about how an Indian(I think it was an indian i haven't watched it in a long time) Sat in font of the ocean day after day staring just straight out into it, until one day he saw a ship. He went and got everyone else to show him this ship that he has seen, but no body else could see it.
    Now the only reason he saw it was because he sat there looking for so many days..

    So it's like we only see what's around us now but only imagine what else could be around us that we cant see and how much stuff is floating around.. But then it's also like yeah i can see my sofa sitting there and if i keep walking ill just bump right into it, but all this other stuff we can't see.. do we just walk through it because we don't know its there?... It's just so weird to think about.
    I'm not even sure if i'm making any sense it's so hard to put what i'm thinking into words, do you understand where i'm coming from?:confused:

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