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just a thought

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by critter 11, May 6, 2003.

  1. l know this is early ,but, did anyone click their red shoes together and wish to go home ,roflmao ,while feeling ashamed for makin fun of a very bad note critter 11 did it.:D[​IMG]
  2. I have the luxury of being oblivious to the outside world when way up here in my dorm room. But if a tornado comes through campus, I'm gonna be screwed and never see it coming...then I'll click my shoes together.
  3. still think this is funny ,lol.
  4. l want everything .l want ...just me, cc buds,stonie jo ,stony gurl,colarado wolf ,aeroblurg.... cowboysaxman ,amenita ,lol,even budburner,plus a lot more l just carn,t even try to think off but l remember.l want them all back talking on grasscity .Hey sure you guys have better things to do and l appreciate that ,BUT, .......we need more off,s ,lol.The younguns in takin over ,help.:D

    Does seem as the average age of the board is going in the opposite direction, does'nt it?

    Which has made to decide to reveal my true identity.

    My name is Hung Low.

    I'm 7 years old.

    I smoke pot.

    And I don't speak english very well.

    P.S. The cops told me not to be wearing my ruby slippers in town anymore. There's been some loose talk!:D
  6. 7 years old eh??

    We need to get some of the older members back on the site! lol

    Us old bastards can't compete with the wet behind the ears and in diapers members! lol

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