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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Brandon138, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. We say, if they legalize it they would make so much money. But we also ask ourselves if the money theyd make is more than the money they get from being illegal?

    What if the government is a drug monopoly, getting rid of the competition and starting an extension of their own. This way they make money off of the sales and off of the profit from its illegality.
  2. i suppose its a possibility. i mean it wouldnt be the first time the government was selling drugs to their own citizens in order to fund their own agenda.
  3. i always have to ask myself...what do they do with all of the weed they seize?
  4. Dude, I've thought the same thing!!!
  5. Have you never seen the videos where they just torch huge piles of weed? I cringe whenever i see one, so much wasted bud.
  6. You're thinking about it too much, there is no government weed distribution conspiracy.

    mainly because the gov could never eliminate all the competiton from illegal dealer networks, etc..

    if it was legalized, they would make just as much money off it as they do off prescription drugs , alcohol and such. In taxes, licensing (to be able to sell), growing, etc..

    plus, they would stop SPENDING money on investigating, arresting, prosecuting, and detaining pot-offenders.
  7. If anything, I rather think the mafia is involved in keeping illegal. And we all know that it got illegal in the first place because the lobbyists persuaded the government to make it illegal, because it was considered a threat to the nylon business as hemp is way better. But I think it's possible that the mafia keeps the prohibition alive.. Though, I rather suspect it's still the lobbyists, for some wierd reason..
  8. If it were legalized the gov't would lose money because the DEA would have less people to go around busting, and so many other reasons, but I'm busy eating ramen noodles

  9. For this to make any sence, it would have to be decriminalized everywhere. That way they can still bust people for growing (getting rid of competition) yet allow people to smoke it without going to jail which will just cost the government ( and us) more money.

  10. They'll make money from taxes just like alcohol and tobacco. I'd gladly pay a tax on my plants in return for my Government not treating me like some kind of evil criminal.

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