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Just a question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pimpinatatl1, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Whenever I smoke I always get good weed. I'm told its good shit either like purple kush or blue dream and shit. But whenever I get it I can never see those crystals that i see on weed in the stashjar section. Am i supposed to be able to see the crystals or are they only viewable through the camera. ???:hello::wave::smoking:
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    you should be able to see it maybe it was just harvested too early but chances are its mids
  3. If it's seriously good weed you should probably be able to see it in some way shape or form.
  4. I can still see some crystals on high mids so you should definitely be able to see it on dank

  5. with the bolded text as your first statement in the post, I must ask, then what's the problem. If you get good weed, and you feel that it's good, there should be no reason for this thread.

    you should see crystals, you may be buying mids or something less than the dank you see a lot of times in the stash jar. what prices do you pay for your good weed? got any pics?
  6. Ill take pictures and no ive smoked mids its not really like midz. Ill take pictures next time. I can see some crystals but tehyre really freaking small.
  7. You can see it if the bud was
    harvested at the right time.
    Good shit has see through muishroom
    cloud looking crystals. Mids has cloudy
    looking crystals. Couchlock has amber
    to brown color crystals. Which is not to bad
    but you cant really see with the naked eye
    because the leave blends in the crystals.

    ...I think...

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