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  1. hi , im new here , i use a prepaid credit card to buy online (i live in dominican republic) but my shipping address is in miami , DO YOU GUYS ACCEPT NON USA CREDICT CARDS ? can i buy with my rd credit card cuz the shipping address is like i said in miami so theres no problem there...
  2. Yes, as far as i know they do accept none US credit cards. You should be fine :) good luck and i hope customs doesn't mess with it.
  3. customs? oh shit i forgot...i mean its just a pipe , can they put you in jail for a pipe? , forgive me i just dont know the law policies in my country...
  4. Is it visa or MasterCard? I actually think this website has an option to buy with cash, so it doesn't matter anyway.
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    No they wont jail you, if they find it they will smash it to bits and put it back in the box and send it to you.

    The pipe could be for anything tobacco, so i wouldn't worry about that but if your ordering any legal highs from the shop make sure there legal in your country because if there not and customs finds it you are fucked and grass city may even be help liable for shipping illegal drugs to a country.
  6. visa , a prepaid card
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    Don't forget the no refunds or exchanges bit...
  8. good luck smashing budbomb

  9. If that happens you actually may get a refund from Grass city i have seeen it happen allot of times and i wouldn't be suprised if it happened again, seriously depending on where you live it may take a while to get to you but Grass city is the place to order from trust me. :gc_rocks:
  10. fuck it, im buying the budbomb...
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    I know. lol There's no way you wouldn't get a refund in that kind of a situation. I was just kidding.

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