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Discussion in 'General' started by BudzMcKenzie, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. ok follow me on this, so your living your life right? when you die lets just say you wake up and your a new person? you live that life die and go through another dream like state and wake up a new person? i dont know if anyone has ever thought of this but what if life is just a big repeat like when you die you come back as a new person but dont have any memory of your previous life/body? so under this idea i have we are all people being recycled thru human bodies but our souls transfer... idk just thought id share this with you guys tell me what yall think! or if yall have any other out of the norm ideas like this. although this isnt realistic i realize that but its cool to think about.:cool:
  2. then how is population growing?;)

    but on the real... we could be recycled into another universe
  3. basically reincarnation

    but maybe thats where deja vu comes from

    and ever see a random ass place you know you havent been too but it looks so familiar?

  4. ya man i forgot to add that but im not sure? thats what i was thinking... but ya we could be xferd to another world, and yes man i have seen people i know ive never EVER seen but i feel a connection like ive known them, weird stuff yo:eek:

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