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    If marijuana is legalized do you think we would lose part of the culture, would it change or stay the same?
    I think we would lose some culture because theres something about stoners that makes us rebellious but if its legal theres no more rebellion you know? It could be good or bad.Dont get me wrong though I smoke marijuana because I enjoy it and it makes for good times but I like how illegalization makes stoners a subculture a when we get it legalized were not 'individuals' anymore because anyone can do it without getting in trouble I guess we live a more "on the edge" life. this is just a high thought though. Any input?
  2. It'd be a new culture. Other people who don't listen to sublime or slightly stoopid will come in. Alot more people listening to classic and jazz and shit probably lol.
  3. well we would be the ones that were around when it was illegal and became legal.
  4. I dont really feel rebellious when I smoke weed. But I would definitely feel like smoking weed was to mainstream if it was legal.
  5. True we would be like the last generation of true stoners. I say this because about 10-20 years after legalization people start forgetting about weed and we become less and less because alot of teenagers that later on become stoners tried it because it was something different and i guess it could give you the feeling of being a rebel. But when its legal all those kids wont smoke weed because its not a 'rebel' thing to do you know? maybe alcohol use will be on the rise among teenagers after legalization.
  6. THATS EXACTLY WHAT IM TRYING TO GET TOO lol im way stoned and its kind of hard to get my point across. I think when legalization first happens there would be an explosion of bud smoking but after some years it would lower because its mainstream. But yeah I dont feel badass when I smoke but the very first times I blazed I did.
  7. I'm willing to take that chance.


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