Just a few pieces I cleaned up

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  1. Gave a few of my collection a bath. What does the city think? My David Goldstein fritted can, 5 arm Medicali, 3-1 helix, fake roor( still a interesting pipe only $5 haha) and a pink bilbo style pipe.

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  2. Nice collection man. How do you like the fritted can?
  3. I have the exact same gandolf pipe. Color and everything. Except mine looks just a few inches shorter
  4. Real nice. CLEAN :D
  5. Love your 3 piece Helix! You did a great job cleanin' up. I know how good it feels to get that many pieces done at once. :)
  6. lol i love that fake lil roor other then that i like the bubblers i wanna buy one like that one day
  7. Love that gandalf man
  8. [quote name='"Greatbud"']Love that gandalf man[/quote]

    I agree that piece is fuckin sweet
  9. The fritted can is an interesting piece. The pull is somewhat like suckin through a hose initially. It's got a pretty hard initial pull but after it takes off the thing is smooth as fuck.

    The 3-1 helix is my go to road bowl. It's a really fun piece. Love that I can quickly change it out.

    The gandolf is an awesome group piece. I hadnt seen one that long so I had to pick it up. It's got a huge bowl.

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