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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by unoit, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. HIGH All, what we have growing is AK47 x C99, White Rino, A x AK47, DD x WB and Kali Mist.

    All are in Sunshine Mix #4 except the DD x WB which are in Bubble Buckets...All are being feed Nutrilife's "A" "B" "C"...."A" "B" right now..plants are under a 600 HPS for right now and in a month a 1000 HPS will be growing up.

    Top of AK99





    More to follow.
  2. SWEEET!!!!!!

    gotta take some beauty shots of my BB as well :) we should make BB picture thread :)
  3. HIGH All, just waiting for Woodbug to grow to school and I'll take a couple more of the BB's...just what I thought when I striped O.F.F.F. all major Fan leaves..the one that was striped is growing slower than the one I leafed alone. And I took pics from day one just to see the difference.

    Edit: the pics above are All in Sunshine Mix#4....BB's will be later.
  4. somehow a plant in soil fights alot harder to live than one with the nutrients waiting right at the roots..... :)
  5. lookin nice as shit man. how far along are they?
  6. very nice..
    Glad to see you got a good indica pheno of the wr..
    What do you think of the AK so far??

  7. HIGH All, mmmmmm think you might have read me wrong Dier...both DD x WB are in the BB's...one was just striped, they are being feed the same nutes and are the same age from the same Mother.

    Hey Spade..they are close to two months from seed.

    Tetra Bro...love them..the WR is P1...haven't started the P2's yet. I can see some Fantastic Buds in the Furture Bro and will have some fun playing Ma Nature when the time comes.

    Edit: ok some Bubble Bucket Donkey Dick x White Bud..remember these clones are the same age from the same Mother....remember Also Dier the reason my roots are long and stringy (so far) is because it's a 20L Bucket

    Plant 1

    Plant 1's roots

    Plant 2

    Plant 2's root's
  8. HIGH All, did I mention we're growing Kali Mist Also..
  9. Lookin good man.

    keep it growin!

    I should have some pics up in the original gangsters forum soon.

  10. Unoit,
    As always you impress me. No topping, no FIM'ing, no tipping no pruning, no slashing and dashing. Just good old fashioned letting it grow like the plant was meant to. I love it. My guess is that your plants there will yield just as much as other plants its same size that have been molested by the above techniques beyond belief. Can you believe some of those other wise guys there giving you shit in that other thread. The nerve of them. You have been growing for 25 years which is longer than most of those posers have even been alive. Keep up the good work man and thanks for your counsel.
  11. HIGH All, hey Thanks SmknVTEC...but....I did FIM and Top a couple...I know my Plants will produce it's why I'm doing it to just one of the BB's...hey never done it before and I'm Always into something new...just don't like Hacking my Babies...it just doesn't seem right.
  12. unoit those are some beauties..can't wait till my babies grow up, so much to do so little time:D
  13. Nice a Shit, I believe I would use other words:eek: as Shit really dont look as nice as MJ, this is just my opinion and others may disagree.
  14. i dunno man, after a dozen shots of jack (daniels) my shit the next morning looks GLORIOUS!
  15. HIGH All, sure is some Good looking shit..

    Ok the DD x WB in the BB's....

    Plant 1 is at 10"

    Plant 2 is at 7"

    I'm growing to cut O.F.F.F. All the Big Fan Leaves again on Plant 2....I know the results even befroe I do it and it hurts me to cut up a Beautiful Girl Like the DD x WB...oh well I have to do it I will...just have to show you guys that doing this will slow your plant down considerably and don't recommend any new growers to do this...unless you have time on your hands.

  16. or it can possibly kill your plant all toegether..im speaking from expernce..no bull.
  17. unoit, could i get a picture of the plant's living conditions? i am considering growing two plants myself and am wondering

    1.) smell - is it bad
    2.) cabinetry - or can i leave it in the open if the smell isn't that bad
    3.) for two plants, what wattage HPS would be recommended? (espeically in a cabinet around 4 feet long by 2 deep by 6 feet up. that's about 1.22 meters long, by 60 CM deep by 1.8 meters high.

    I am pretty sure I know how to tackle smell if need be. Thanks for the awesome posts, btw.
  18. HIGH All, the plants living conditions....it's a 8' x 10' with a 8' ceiling...I'll take a pic later...I have company right now and it's O.F.F.F. limits till they leaf...had to put the room on quiet mode.

    Pics I took before they came...

    Plant 1 growing strong..

    Plant 2 well you can see for yourself.

    I can tell you..again...I know why I've never done this and will never do it again..it just slows the Plant down too much.

    Oh ya was in a Drunking stuper the other night and FIMmed both the BB's...don't ask me why...I need these girls to catch up to the soilless ones and of coarse doing that slowed them down more.

    Wonder if I can rigg something up..like if I had 8 or more Pussies the door to the room would automatically lock..mmmmmmmmmmm.
  19. Unoit,
    You will never prune or FIM again? I recently pruned one of my two indicas also as an experiment. The one that I pruned took an extra week to show its sex over the other plant that was growing naturally. They are both female. I am not sure if the slow sexing is related but, I also noticed that the pruned plant was growing slower. Anyway, I tend to agree with you and I am very interested to see how your results turn out.
  20. HIGH All, ok Chrono here the Girls living conditions

    Hey Smkn it's striping All the Fan Leaves O.F.F.F. I won't do again....shit Topping and FIMing don't do it much, but I still sometimes and recommend it to anyone who wants to try it. It's Striping it I don't like and won't do again and I think it's silly to do it.

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