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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. 12:13 monday morning hahaha.

    Chillin, Drankin a 40 of OE, Got some more brews stashed away for after this and got a bong loaded bout to take a rip after i finish posting this.

    Pretty long but chill day. Went in at 3:30 and clocked out at 11:30.

    Sundays are the worst because thier the busiest.

    Some bullshit popped off, My manager telling me i have to shave my goatee off but fuck that noise, I aient shaving it for shit haha.

    Then a customer asking me if we had so and so something and i work behind the meat counter i weigh out beef and fish and crab legs and all that good shit i dont fuck with shit thas not behind the counter so i went to my homie jamar and told him the deal and jamar was talking to him and the custo got mad called jamar a fucking idiot and shit got heated. Jamar was swearin up a storm n shit.

    But our part closed at 8 today (i thought it was 9) so i started closin shit round 6 by pulling divders and washing em and shit and we got completey down with everything round 10:15. So i went outside with jamar smoked a couple squares, Called my homie up and we walked around my store for about a hour till 11:30 and homegirl i work with gave me a ride home.

    My boss wants me to put my 8 in, So shit, If it means im done 2 hours early and im walking around for 2 hours ima do it ya herd, Ima get my 8 in period. Fucka lunch.

    But time to get lit cuz i gotta do this again tomrow.
  2. sucks man, jobs like that always blow. i had an easy shift today, jsut 3 hours of sitting around, but i know how the daily grind can be. gotta make that money though.

    i always thinks its funny when my friends and others get back from work or school and are like yea, just chillin with some beer etc... see, i get back from work, and i wanna eat some mushrooms!
  3. I never liked to work under people.

    In the hood I never pumped for anybody,and now I don't work for anybody.Were all slaves to the system,it's time to break free.

  4. We got scarface up in here??? :rolleyes:

    But naa, I know the game inside and out man. Ive done ALOT, But seen even more. I know how shit goes.

    But fuck that tip. Im trying to be legit. Like another memeber here im trying to get to/on that Legit Balla tip.

    I do my thang, I do my bizz, And i do my work. Shits all good.

    Use your brain to gain ya'll.

    This aient permanment, Ill be here for a hot minute and see what else it out there with some legit experience on my record.

  5. I feel you on that, I work in a meat room, cleaning shit up and doing some stock, it's just a job until I get my computer certs. But yeah sundays are busy as shit, and my boss told me to cut my hair, but fuck that. They won't fire me, I'm their best worker. :D
  6. Haaaa

    "Use your brain to gain yall"

    Ima start sayin that shit.
  7. haaa yeah im tryin to imagine somone as og as ksr spewin that shit while a blunts goin around :D

    would be one of those moments where everyone fuckin breaks out laughin there ass off
  8. "everyday im still goin through the same thang, tryin so hard just to maintain, all i ever wanted was just to make a lil change, im real but *****s still talk down on my name" listen to Z-Ro - everyday samethang, keep hustling playa eventually youll get a better job fuck that 8 hour bullshit, i know what its like, used to work at the kroger deli gonna be working there all christmas again.

  9. My WHITE ASS stoner-surfer best friend tried that shit. I talk G pretty often, especially when we blaze.

    He came out with some crazy shit, and we looked at him, and we all fell on the ground laughing. I stood there, shook my head, and grabbed the blunt from my homie laying on the grass, pissing himself. Shit was mad funny.

  10. I haven't drank a 40 since I've been old enough to legally drink. Back in the days it was OE Ice 800 which was like 8.0% or some shit. Nowadays I've been sippin on Guinness and Newcastle. My taste for beer has changed over the years.

    Sorry to hear about your shitty day. Hang in there dude and try not to let the bitchy ass customers get to you. I worked for Taco Bell and McDonald's and Del Taco back in the days and I have dealt with some REAL assholes so I feel ya.

    It does suck that you have to work the shitty jobs when you're young but thats the breaks.

    Stay up!
  11. KSR smoke a square and listen to this song homie, gotta love the late great dj.

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