Jus got busted

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  1. soooo they just kicked in my door last week for weed. I've got 3 felonies now but have hired a really good activist lawyer. Seriously I hate lawyers. They're sleazy and wanna scare you so they can make money off you. First guy I talked to was an ass and wanted 25k. Anyway my lawyer says he can prolly get my charges dropped and get me sentenced to 2.5yrs SIS. Thats if I'm lucky. 5 years SES if I'm not (which im not or I wouldn't be here). Anyway I've based my life around this. I've been to 14 events in the past 4 years in which I've been smoking. My bf pointed out last night that we're gonna have to "change our whole lives" but I like my life. I don't wanna be one of those ignorant bastard who worships the injustices in our legal system. All my frens smoke and I dunno if I'mma be able to be around em without fucking up. I know I'm gonna be really tempted and all it takes is fucking up one time to violate my probation. Thing is I have been diagnosed with depression but they won't prescribe me anything that works. I was 95lbs at 5'7" due to my lack of appetite that accompanies my depression. My bf recently set up counseling for me because after they arrested me I became suicidal all over again. I've never wanted to die so bad as those 2 horrible days in jail. I was pretty convinced at times I was going to... basically I'm goin off my antidepressants but worse. FUCK THE POLICE!!!!!!!
  2. What are the 3 felonies for...if you don't mind me asking..
  3. no justice no peace
  4. You got caught 14 times in the last 4 years? WhAt for? Didnt you learn your lesson after like the 7th time getting caught lol.

    But really, what are the 3 felonies for? 25 grand is alot of fucking money. Fuck that. Hope its not ALL from weed.
  5. I believe she means 14 events as in shows/concerts etc.
  6. Move to cali or colorado and get med card for both of those.
  7. If weed really helps with your depression, this might be your only option. Although im not sure bout the rules if you have felonies on your record, or if it even matters.
  8. Helps my depression too, but can't not legal here yet...:(

  9. Heard that! But ive got insomnia as well,which I am thankful is covered. Now if only I lived in an mmj state.....:smoke:
  10. I guess this person gives a shit about what we say...this thread has been here an no posts from them, lol. Must of went to jail or something, lol.
  11. Get an MMJ card for your depression.
  12. The poor girl is in jail guys c'mon...
  13. If you have three felonies and 14 other charges. I feel no pity for you. That's your own damn fault.
  14. was recently busted as well! but not as severe as your case, just possession and paraphinelia (sp?) try getting involved in your areas norml chapter and get active. channel your rage into something positive

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