Jus about fucked errythang up.

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Lesson learned, don't drive with shit on you :p

    Got pulled over today, in the parking lot of my work (small bussiness parking lot, in front of the door, in front of my co-workers and boss. First was a sherriff in a car, so i was sketched out. Reason being, I had an ounce of herb I jus picked up, my scale (to make sure I didnt get ripped off) and my lil pipe, fully loaded... he came out and asked "what are you hiding..."

    I said nothing, got out of my car and it was my fucking NEIGHBOR! He then noticed it was me and we talked for a minute then his partner rolls up (im about to piss myself because I only have 1 and a half months left of probation left!), anyways his partner comes out and says "did you search him?" and my neighbor (one of my homies pops) said "no, i'll vouch for his this time. He's a good kid and he's my neighbor".

    I then ask "Why was I pulled over in the first place man, Jus curious" and they said that someone saw me with "a big wad of money and a big bag of 'somethinng'"

    Funny, because I JUST cashed my check for $300 so I could pay off some bills and debts to my parents. Anyways, he said have a good day and errythanf.

    I'm VERY lucky, and I owe my homies dad for this. I'm still shaken up.because *TECHINCALLY* i had an ounce, and a bowl (a .5 gram bowl) full so I had more than an ounce (felony) + probation = baaaaaad news.

    I'm not carrying my pipes/herb/scale ever again. lol. Fuck that.
  2. hahaah righteous man

    does your neighbor know you smoke?

    you got very lucky, especially cause it was in front of your work lol
  3. If you ever saw me randomly on the street, i garentee youd know I was a smoker :p I'm pretty obvious :p haha. he's a cop so he must know I was arrested and put on hosue arrest/probation for drugs before. Plus, now.... this incident :(

    I went into the store and asked the cashier if she knew the guy who was standing behind me in the line, personally, because he was parked right by me and was the ONLY one who woulda seen how much money I had (when I was paying) and my sack of herb in the car, when I was leaving. She gave me a name and phone number, so now I've got to confront this asshole for snitchin. Give him a long talk about snitches n shit, yadadamean? Jus a talk, don't trip beezies. I'll wear my stop sign shirt, the "STOP SNITCHING" one :D
  4. damn man that rediculously lucky. keep your nose as clean as you can for now the 14th is only 6 weeks off. imma be pissed to see a SnT is in jail thread. good luck bein sneaky bro.
  5. Oh fa sho mayne. I'm gonn stash this ounce and chief it up. I aint mobbin 'round widd it no more. lol. and for now on, peoples is delivering to my, i aint drivin for pickups because im buyin the herb, they should bring it to me.heh. til im off probation anyways. fuck a 100$ fine aint shit to me
  6. :smoke:YOU SMOKEN, are one lucky plucker. Gald it was a lesson learned, and not a "Smokens in jail" thread...:smoke:
  7. Dam thats some shit smoken. Glad to hear ya got out of that incident.

  8. Yeah mayne, I know it. I'm thankin bout gettin him a quart of whisky or something as a thank you. lol
  9. Hell yeah dogg, I know. Shit's gettin out of hand. I might have to stop smokin til im off probation to be safe haha... or not :smoke: jus gotta stay outta trouble
  10. thats that good karma catching up with you man. I hate the fact that someone snitched and called on you though. Hello officer i saw someone with money and a big bag of something get him! thats so dumb.

    But good shit smoke!:smoke:
  11. Sounds to me like he was giving you a heads up... that next time he won't play, and he was doing what a cop should do... make the community a better place, not throw some innocent pothead behind bars.
  12. Well that was your get out of jail free card. You don't get too many of those in life. I am glad you took it seriously. :) +rep

  13. I feel ya. then again when dukes like us pick up weight its always a lil sketchy on the ride they're and back. Im not a fan of going on MISSIONS, but i still do it cuz someones got to. This bowl is for u and I both dog <3:smoke:
  14. yeah, well I've been gettin HELLA good karma lately. It's great :) Fuck snitches though. I bet homeboy didn't know that I have a few cops on my side because Im homies wit they kids or I'm always respectful to them, they also liike that I know my rights, and I know them well :) and I bet he also didnt know I'm hella good friends with the cashier of that liquor store, because I'm in there damn near daily.

    Yeah, he's my homies dad and shit, hella chill guy, and he's not no asshole cop like most of them. I won't have that problem again!

    Hell yeah man, funny because as soon as that happened i got to school (LATE) and told them I got pulled voer,m the teacher jus laughed. haha then I went to longs and bought a movie called "Home Grown" or something like tat., About marijuana growrs?? It's got Thorten in it too. haha, should hopefully be good.
    Thanks doggy

    Fa sho mayne, them pick-up trips is crazy as shit mayne. I'm always sketched drivin with anythang at all (while im on probation) and when Im not, anythang over an ounce is sketch as fuck to me. When I pick up QP's, I have 5 people drivin seperated where erryones got less than a zip. They each get a lil cash too, as a thank you for allowing me to smoke safely without getting busted with a huge ammount to cops. lol
  15. Let us know what happens when you confront the guy.
  16. Damn dude, that's crazy good luck! Gotta hate those close calls, huh? Props on knowin the 50. That's a lucky break :D
  17. Will do, it's going down tommorow

    Dogg, it was the second worst feeling I have ever felt. Apart from homies/family dying or thoughts of them dying.

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