Jury Nullification question

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  1. Since jurors are not informed of their right to nullify, does the defendent have the right to make the jury aware of their power to nullify?

    This can be a huge factor in reducing marijuana convictions.
  2. Any juror that would do that would probably be weeded out during voir dire, and if they made it onto the jury, the judge's instructions are usually very precise and wouldn't allow it. The judge usually asks the jury to consider Defendent X's actions and whether or not they violate Law Y spelled out as "..."

  3. Which is a ridulious system that needs to be changed. This is one of the main reasons that the founding fathers came here in the first place, the process of cherry-picking juries.

    Once again, a law that was originally designed to make cases fair was abused by those in power.
  4. Deciding whether or not laws are just or Constitutional is what judicial review is for, not juries

  5. Then why does the jury have the right to nullify?

    Every poster at grasscity knows you are here to play the devil's advocate.
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    To answer the original question, no. U.S. v. Moylan upholds the right of the court to refuse to instruct the jury of this right.

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