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Juicy Jays Flavored Rolling Paper. Are They Good/Healthy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by traviekush, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Ok so i just bought these off of amazon 12 packs for 10 bucks. But i never had these papers i only use raw papers but want to try something new. How are these do you really taste the flavor & are they healthy because i noticed they had fruit picture prints on the paper.
  2. I usually buy them off of amazon for the variety too. They're 3 dollars a pack in stores which is a giant rip off since there are only 32 papers per pack. For everyday use I buy packs of organic RAW 300s and I find them much smoother and slower burning. Some of the juicy j flavours burn way too fast and the sometimes the colour of the smoke is a light brown tarry colour instead of the billowing white clouds I get with RAWs.
    If you DO get juicy J's try to get the cotton candy, honey or blackberry brandy ones (i was something brandy) as I found those were the best flavours with the slowest burn, maybe because they use different inks or favourants. The fruit pics always had me suspicious though, because that meant ink in the papers.
  3. Personally I think favoured papers taste like shit to smoke and are pretty harsh
  4. this. enjoy the herb.

    If you can try the clear cellulose "papers" I hear nothing but good things about them :hello:
  5. Hemp papers for the win
  6. those too, but something about seeing the weed and smoke through the joint is just so cool for me:smoking:
  7. Only use juicy jay rips, for making comically large fruit-looking joints.
  8. these are for regs and shit weed, i would never but a good bud into a flavored paper...
  9. [quote name='"Jumbo"']these are for regs and shit weed, i would never but a good bud into a flavored paper...[/quote]

    This. For good weed I use bugler. Best fucking papers ever. Raws roll like fuckin shit for me, the paper doesn't grip itself right, same with a majority of hemp papers I tried.
  10. If you're good enough you can roll with any papers. Except tally-ho. Fuck tally-ho.
  11. Well if you like smoking paper, juicy jays are the best. every month i buy a different flavor, and it lasts me a while. theyre less harsh than ez widers or zig zags IMO. I really enjoy blunts and joints, but i cant smoke blunts anymore because it fucks with my throat. js are the next best thing.
  12. Personally I found them a bit overhyped. Th only real time I notice any flavour is when your sealing the joint and the gum has a sweet sugary taste to it.

    Other than that, I find them harsher, have poor and quick burns and fairly difficult to roll with (although not the worst at all).

    You can see the poor quality in Juicy Js here, [ame=]Burning different types of rolling papers - fun comparison - YouTube[/ame]

    Personally, my favourite papaers that i've tried are elements, followed closely by Raws.

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