Judge Judy + Herb = ??

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  1. So Im sitting here watching judge judy after 2 bowls of some dankkkkk. The littigents (not spelled right :) are these reallly bithchy 2 hot young bimbos. The only thing I think throughout the whole case is just kiss already, your brains aint gettin you anywhere soon. let me know if agreements with me are your thoughts. :smoke:

    ssorry if this thread is in the wrong spot, remove it if you must, oh powerful moderator.
  2. judge judy is such a bitch.

    also i dont even think shes a real judge
  3. Judge Herby.
  4. I gave up on those shows when I found out that the loser doesn't pay the winner the money: its paid by the network.
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0u266b7guc]YouTube - Stoned on judge judy.[/ame]

    THIS, is judge judy + Herb. Its so damn funny.

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