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Discussion in 'General' started by DurbanPoison, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Hey there guys and gals - I am going to purchase the game "Battlefield", and a Joystick to go along with it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should get or what is good?

    Any info would be much obliged! ^_^
  2. Are you getting Battlefield or Battlefield 2?

    As for the joystick. I would get anything made by Logitech.
  3. Battlefield 2
  4. Get a saitek, they are about 20 bucks and will do everything you want to do in that game.

    I played in a clan, run a BF2 clan and compete, Get a Saitek Evo, should be 20 bucks at your local bestbuy. Best stick for the money.

    BTW - I absolutely love logitech but for sticks and money saitek is the way to go.

    Everything else i have is logitech, MoMo Force wheel, Logitech Mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc etc then my lone saitek evo.
  5. BF2 is an awesome game. I have a nice joystick setup for other games, but prefer not to use it in Battlefield 2. If you get used the mouse, it works nicely.
  6. BF2 is a great game, for joysticks i wouldnt get anything too expensive for battlefield unless u plan on buyin a nice flight sim. cause in battlefield the only time u need a joystick is flyin a plan, and that doesnt happen all that often depending on what map u play
  7. yea for a FPS you should definetly try just the keyboard/mouse combo.

    but if you want a controller I would get something by logitech (more exspencive, but wourth it.) or get the Xbox 360 Wired Controller. it is a standard usb 2.0 so will just hook right into your PC. even has drivers :D

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