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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by dawizard, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. this may sound novice but i have an eGo twist vape pen that i cant seem to get working. my friend gave me it when the battery died and he didn't have a charger. so i gave it a full charge and put my concentrate in the cartomizer and the battery starts to get a little warm but not hot enough to vape my wax. anyone got any ideas to help?

  2. Did you try to turn up the power to 4.8?
  3. yeah i'm thinking i'm missing a piece maybe? so far it goes mouth piece, cartomizer, battery. am i missing something?
  4. Is the cart heating up? Take off the mouthpiece, press the button, and see if you can see an orange glow inside
  5. the battery gets warm but it dosen't glow on the inside
    Then your cart is either dead, or the connection between the cart and battery is dirty. Dip a qtip in rubbing alcohol and clean the connections. If it's still not working, try another cart
  7. is there a way to clean the cart? i tried cleaning the connections with alcohol and nothing happened 
  8. ego-c twists don't light up like that on the inside.. there supposed to be used as a E-cig for nicotine Juice. so im not sure if it will get hot enough to burn BHO
  9. The cartomizer? Yes.
  10. oh nvm i misunderstood
  11. i have no clue what kind, but it was new when i got it so i'm assuming it should be fine. do i need anything other than what i have?

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  12. and the mouth piece obviously 
    Is the cotton still inside the cartomizer (middle piece in pic)
  14. the piece on the inside is plastic I believe and it's sorta leaning to one side?

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