Journal - Tangerine Dream and Kandy Kush 400W MH/HPS

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  1. Sup guys,

    I've come from another forum which I found wasn't very helpful when it came to asking for help, was hoping I'd get treated better here.. So go easy on me xD

    Medium: Canna Coco Natural
    Nutes: Canna A + B. Should I use any more?
    Water: Aquarium water
    Lights: 400W MH for Veg 400W HPS for Flower

    I've started my Tang dream 18 days ago, and my Kandy Kush 3 days ago.

    I'm currently waiting for my cooltube and inline fan to arrive through the mail, hoping to get it all in 2 days from now. So I am using my 150W HPS since I can't deal with the high temps of the 400W MH.

    I am growing in a Cab that I built out of a wardrobe, works pretty well :)

    here's some pictures, What do you guys think??

    These are the Tang Dream, I'll get some pictures of the KK once she's a bit bigger. She has been topped.

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  2. Im growing tangerine dream at the mo, they have been in flowering a week check my grow diary. Ive had a few problems with them ,i had issues with an mg deficancy ,mutants and stunted growth and wierd looking leaves. Ive read alot on diff forums bout how much t dream is a pain to grow but a good smoke.Your t dream look great mate keep it up !
  3. Thanks bud. I just noticed the fan leaves are kind of yellowing.. I'm guessing nute def since I've hardly nuted at all..
    I've also got a heat problem which is soon to be solved once my cooltube arrives.

    Apparently TG has very unstable genetics, but I've seen some magnificent phenotypes if done right. Since i'm growing in coco, I a lower pH is favoured by this strain, so I'm dropping it to 5.8-6.0. Gonna water her later tonight/morning..

    Some phenotypes are purple too, so I'm hoping mine will comeout purple just because it's different xD thanks for the reply.. Here's some pictures of the colour problem i'm having...


  4. From what i can see looks like a nute deficiency Or heat stress, same way mine went also heat stress was a prob for mine exven though my others wer fine.

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