Journal Entry About my Experience With Weed and How it Has Affcted My Life

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    [FONT=&quot]It started out as an experiment. We put what was probably oregano in a hollowed out light bulb given to us by one of the three black kids in my town. We didn’t get high. How ever we did act like we did. The first couple blaze sessions of not getting high were basically us trying our best to be high even though we weren’t. The weed was just an excuse to act like idiots. Our first time was on the jungle gym of Fayette and it overlooked a Fast Break store. From our angle a tree blocked the “s” in fast break making it say fat beak. That was the first thing we laughed at with weed. Eventually we no longer had to act like children.

    With the delivery of the hundred-dollar vaporizer we finally could actually get high; and for a few hours we actually were children again. Perhaps rushing into the adult world is consciously an attempt to go back to childhood. Friday afternoon; school can be forgotten for some time, which is relieving. Three friends are in an abandoned sump that’s pretty much ours. In an area of woods sunken lower into the earth than the rest of our town. In an area at a lower level than the rest of society. Sitting on a log passing around the vape; with the vape we can taste everything. Which is in some way reassuring. We talk like we usually do about usual things until about ten minutes of time. In ten minutes time silence strikes as we are all consumed by our own thoughts. All we need is our thoughts to see the universe. Then we hear a car door shut, we snap back to reality and realize we were just out of our own bodies. We had left our respective individuals and were able to see more than we should be able to. Or at least we think we can. But there isn’t much thinking involved. Our thoughts come to us. We’re not forced to do anything, not even think.

    But the mix of us after our activities and society doesn’t go well. When we were done we would slowly ascend up to society and hop the chain link fence and be back in our town. From a distance to a sober law abiding citizen we acted like children. We had to walk through a sober society. And the everyday things of that sober society made us laugh. Stupid things. Bread fish. But we were forced to hide what we had done. Which in a way was counter-intuitive. If we couldn’t hide what we had done, people looked at us for what we were in their world. Criminals. Fuck them. They were in my world ruining my high. They’re ruining the significance of the drug. Making me a criminal for choosing something safer than alcohol. I’m not reckless, I don’t use weed to be an asshole; like the dirt bags. Fuck them too. They’re just another reason weed is illegal. Society’s rules are not individually significant but the effect of them together is a force that can limit its peoples in the ultimate goal of mankind; to see and understand the universe. The actions of a high teen are indeed “childish.” But that is just how society as a whole describes a certain behavior.

    One of my goals in life is to develop and understand my own values; and to use those values to live my life and not the ones the peoples of society have created and accepted. And that does not mean that I want to rebel against society. If my values and standards are the same as the ones commonly accepted by society than so be it.

    So based on the values and standards most the world has been soaked in, when I am high I act like a child because I am not productive in what society says I should be. Such as writing an English paper. Because when I’m high I clearly wont be able to do that. Responsibilities such as writing an English paper are responsibilities that children do not have to deal with, as don’t high kids. So yes in that way high teens are like children. So yes we use weed in an attempt to once again be treated like a child by society. Children have not yet been corrupted by society. Children have not yet had the commonly accepted rules beaten so far into them they cannot be forgotten. So what if a child in today’s society had the intelligence of a man but had not been corrupted like one? Well that would be the best thing to happen to mankind. This person would be able to help us more than any other; help us to improve ourselves. Getting high is the closest one can get to this. When I’m high I keep intelligence and my thoughts but I am able to think without societies rules. I can truly think for myself. When I’m high I am forced not to think about what society makes us all become apart of; their adult world. I can think about creating my own adult world. What makes someone an adult? The ability to learn such responsibilities as writing an English paper to eventually be apart of the work world? Based on society, that is exactly what growing up is all about; and that’s what I thought growing up was about until I got high and was given a new perspective on the world.

    I know the world isn’t going to change for me but I say getting high can help me make the most out of what society as set my life up to be. I say getting high can help reach the little potential one is allowed to reach under the rules of society. When I’m high I am able to better generalize the universe which allows me to plan my life better. I am able to see my interests more clearly. When walking the streets high I see the world in a different way. I can get a different perspective on the universe which truly makes getting high a spiritual experience. One day after vaping I walked the streets of our town as we were on our way to the local pizza shop. I noticed everything that could be changed about the world to make it better for the people. Traffic signs, store locations and such. My experience being high that day made me want to make change in the world as much as I could. I became sad when I thought that if I grew up and worked in a marketing firm somewhere I wouldn’t be doing anything significant for the world that I inhabit. And that’s when my passion to become a politician started. From then on I looked at the political aspect of everything. I still do. I was fifteen then. [/FONT]
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