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  1. This soda is fucking magical. Has anyone else partaken in this nectar of the gods?
  2. does it come in a glass bottle?
  3. Si....
  4. Just drank down a green Jones like 5 minutes ago. It is indeed awesome.
  5. man i love that shit....gets rid of cotton mouth so fuckin well haha
  6. [​IMG]

    i love the rootbeer
  7. I was on a bottle once/picture of me snowboarding.

    I wonder if they do that by region or what?
  8. ^that's AWESOME!

    and yeeyee, i've had that!
    don't drink pop now, though.
    unless that's some kinda special pop.
  9. They put the worst flavor in the very front :p
  10. i get that shit at panera bread every time man!
  11. Yeah, they been around for years.
  12. yo i got the thanksgiving package like 3 years ago and i never wanted to open them. theyre ornamental and shit. could i drink one?
  13. It will probably say somewhere on the box or bottle when it expires.
  14. DUDE!!!
    i used green apple for bong water once while smoking blueberry yum yum

    oh my god
    my lungs were shaking in orgasmic nostalgia!!!
  15. That's sick as hell man! I love jones! I love the little fortunes or whatever on the bottom of the cap.
  16. Like everytime im in town and im blitzed, I buy one of these.
  17. besides watermelon dr. peppers from sonic.

    jones soda is my other all time favorite drink to drank while high.
    its so much better than regular soda

    fufu berry for the win for sure, no doubt. no clought. strait nectar from the beverage gods for us to savor.

    green apple. damn you. every drink has a sour bite that gets me everytime. you do what pepsi cant, and for that i salute you!

    mannnnnn, what about that MF grape. now im not the sharpest tool in the tool shed but lemme tell ya what i think..i think it has to stand for MOTHER FUCKIN GRAPE! ya dig. has too. i mean how can it stand for shit like :my favorite: man fuck that . its mother fuckin.

    i mean your taste buddz are all like whining : im thirsty, wheres a drink, wanhhhh, and then all of a sudden MF grape rushes in and is like BOOM MOTHA TRUCKER. IM MOTHAFUCKIN GRAPE! ENJOI MY THIRST QUENCING GOODNESS.
    and just like beats the shit outta your taste buds for being little bitches all day.

    ya man. jones is the shit. no doubt.
    nothin like a jones on a hot summer day.

    unnnnnnn na na na naaaaaaaaaa

    got my fufu BERRY
    my names not LARRY
    ur face is SCARY
    my butt is HAiRY
    this post is VERY lame.

    peace out!
  18. OMG best soda EVAAAAAR!!!. i hate being healthy. cant have soda and fried shit
  19. I discovered Jones a few years ago and have been addicted to the cream soda flavour ever since.
  20. I, too, have known about Jones for at least six years. It used to be the only place I could find it was at this tiny store near my family's summer cottage. So the last trip of the summer we'd always buy like 20 bottles and bring them back to Massachusetts.

    Then we found a website where you could buy any quantity of any we did that once, but the shipping was exorbitant. It basically doubled the cost of each individual bottle. I think we bought 40 bottles and it cost like $100 overall. It just wasn't cost effective.

    But now every place pretty much sells it. They're the official soft drink of the Seattle Seahawks and they get a ton of publicity every Christmas when they make their flavors like gravy, cranberry sauce, turkey, etc...

    I'm happy for them because they were a small company with creative, unique and delicious flavors. I love the blueberry bubblegum, bug juice, cream soda, root beer...there are more but I can't think of them right now

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