Jonathan Zupkus Gets 10 Days In Jail For 10 Pounds Of Marijuana

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  1. Jonathan Zupkus Gets 10 Days In Jail For 10 Pounds Of Marijuana
    HuffingtonPost / 11,15,2011


    An Illinois man caught driving through South Dakota with 10 pounds of marijuana in his car was ordered to serve 10 days in jail, although the felony possession could have earned him up to 15 years in prison.

    Jonathan Zupkus, 37, of east central Donovan, Ill. pleaded guilty to possessing more than 10 pounds of the drug after being arrested Aug. 26 during a routine traffic stop near Rapid City, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    Judge Jeff Davis of the 7th Circuit Court " target="_hplink">granted Zupkus' request for a suspended imposition of sentence, which will eventually seal the felony arrest, according to the Rapid City Journal. Zupkus requested the suspension because he frequently works as a "figure model" in schools.

    Davis sentenced Zupkus to 90 days in jail, but gave him credit for six days previously served, suspending all but 10 days, the Journal reports. Zupkus must also complete obtain a sponsor at Narcotics Anonymous, complete a chemical dependency evaluation and submit to random drug testing

    .[​IMG],,this don't happen often,,but expect it to happen more.
  2. wow he got extremly lucky with that judge.
  3. wow. You serious? people have been caught selling 2 grams and have gotten 5 years. This is not fair.

  4. Thank god i dont live in a nazi state then
  5. I hope this trend small step for giant leap for stonedkind
  6. will eventually seal the felony arrest? what does that mean
  7. Expunge. No longer shows up on your "record."
  8. Did the police botch procedure or his rights in some way which lead to this plea? Not much info provided by either link. Doesn't make any sense really.
  9. So wait, you as someone who likes the weed, would rather he be in jail for 15 years so its fair? Fair as compared to what? The absolute bullshit laws that are in effect today? Cmon man.

    How bout instead, we celebrate that someone in power, namely a judge, also realizes how moronic it is to send someone to jail for life for freaking pot. Its a damn good sign to see something like this. I appaud the judge. :hello:

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