Jon and Kate

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  1. I'm not sure how many people here have ever watched the show, but if you ever stand in line at a convenient store you have to know who I am talking about.

    Anyways, me and a couple of my friends have had a debate going about how hot Kate is. I think that for having 8 babies pop out of her, six of which were consecutive, she is still pretty freaking hot.
  2. Just about anyone looks good after a Hollywood makeover

    This is one of those cases where a person's character overpowers their appearance...I wouldn't fuck her with a borrowed dick

  3. Yeah no shit. At the beginning of their show, she was a total dog. When she realized the show was getting popular, she re-did her entire look.

    Personally, I'm on Jon's side for this whole fiasco. She's a bitch for real.

    Now I'm tired of every middle aged woman rocking the Kate Gosselin haircut. It looks silly, you look like a rooster. And I have blue hair, and it still looks silly even to me.
  4. I'm not saying she isn't a bitch because that is actually what I have heard from almost everyone I talked to, and if I ever did watch the show I always liked Jon's character more.

    I just think she is hot, at least after her makeover, lol.

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