JOKER(first "real" pipe) and homemade wooden pipe[WITH PICTURES]

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    my brand new and first real piece. blue and red color changing. it has a giant carb and rips like a beast. named the joker first time i smoked with it(yesterday) because when u hit it u look like like you have the jokers mouth. 35 bucks split between my brother and i.

    the other picture is my first home made wooden pipe. ill be sticking to glass for now on.

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  2. Ahh man, that wooden pipe brings back high school woodshop memories... Would whip one of those up in half a period, and smoke outside the shop the rest of the period.. I never got anything done, because I had my project outside the whole year.
  3. haha thats sick man. i would have never smoked on schoolgrounds tho. but thts me. that wood 1 is the 2nd 1 i made. the first one was lost by my friend and his mo found it. oh well. the 2nd one only took like 20 min. to make:smoking:
  4. bump lol. noone else? its my first bowl i rlly like the colors too.
  5. kinda a sad turnout for a first thread:(
  6. The jokers pretty sick bro! I had a buddy who would try to make those, but yours looks much better!
  7. fail.

    jk lol nice pipe man looks like its got a big bowl

    i recently lost my first glass:(
    but its cool i got a 7 piece collect.
  8. thanks man. the 1st wooden one i made was round and had a sherlock type look to it. i messed up the carb on the 2nd one(shown)
  9. ive only gotten to smoke it once. i was gonna tomorrow morning but i gotta wait for the furniture company to come. damn you dad for scheduling it on the real christening of the joker
  10. me and my brother are gonna keep this safe. im planning on giving it to m kids if they end up smoking
  11. damn, well I hope that works out dude
  12. Just keep practicin the wood work, I think you should try to make a bong!
  13. lol i doubt itl make it that long but i wouldnt even know where to start for a bong. i used an edging saw on the 1st bowl(which looked better) nd some drill bits. the hardest part is drillin the bowl cuz i cant find my drill bits to drill wide holes. iff tht made sense:smoking:
  14. Shit, I'd just try to hollow out a decent size piece of wood maybe, then go from there.
  15. alright ill try it sometime. but IMO glass beats the shit outta wood then chucks it into a tree shedder and pisses on its remains lol
  16. smokin wit it tonight haha. ima get high as fuck and then some
  17. lol, thats the name of my bong. But thats because it's a gren label.
  18. i dunno but waitin 4 tonight is gonna suck
  19. Thats a pretty decent size bowl, i dig your piece man. The wooden one looks legit too.
  20. thanks man. i cnt wait to have a real smoking session with it

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