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Joints with filters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Magicman2292, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Hey guys.. I like to roll thin joints every now and then. I have a pack of Virginia slims cigarettes (the thin ones). So I wanna roll a joint and use a Virginia slim filter instead of a roach or whatever... Will it get me less high? Well I know it will, but does it make a BIG difference? And what if I use it in a thin, long blunt.. Will that drastically reduce my high?
  2. yes it obsorbs about 90% of the thc, thc is extremely sticky and will bond to everything

  3. ^ this
  4. get a pipe :D

    when I roll a joint all I use is rolling paper... quit yer bitchin! your lungs can take it :D

    better than smoking tobacco... way better for them. actually opens up your bronchi, so I've heard
  5. Oh my...

    Are you totally oblivious to everything concerning weed?

    No it won't really affect your high. Although, it might block quite easily because, the RESIN is really sticky, not the THC. In pure form, it is a glassy solid when cold and becomes viscous and sticky if warmed.


  6. I have a piece and zigzags and all dat..I'm not bitchin I just think it's a bit more "professional" to use a filter cuz a roach made of paper is kinda ghetto I guess...
  7. Filters filter out some of the THC and other cannabinoids. Never use a filter in a joint. Never.
  8. the only time i use a filter on my jays are when im with people i know who have rivers in their mouths and wet the joint to complete shit and makes it nasty as hell...only then do i use a filter.

    hit that shit w/o a filter.
  9. I just refuse to smoke with people who slobber on joints. Problem solved.

  10. Haha ew... why dont you just not smoke with those people? That's gross.

    I always filter my joints. Just a tiny piece of cardboard rolled up into a tube. I don't filter blunts, EVER though.
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    is it...? its nothing more than saliva. of course id rather the jay be as a dry as an old lady (heh lol) but sometimes you cant have everything perfect. friends are friends. ill smoke with any of my friends any day of the year. of course i tell them to be careful and not get it all wet, but accidents happen and people do forget sometimes.

    ehh oh well
  12. smokeitdown your dumb thats not a filter its called a crutch it helps you roll and not burn your self when your hitting the roach a filter is the thing in a cig
  13. I kind of look at filters (roaches) in j's or blunts as a nice accessory, but not necessary to the fun that will ensue. As far as it being ghetto...no. Cardboard filters are very nice as they make the j or blunt hit much smoother without little bits of weed getting into your mouth. Also, it eliminates those burned lips from trying to eek out that last roach hit. I roll all my shit with filters in them and we smoke down to the paper and it puts itself out on its own. Whats ghetto is a blunt slobbered all over trying to pinch the end open to get a good hit and only getting a mouthful of weed crumbs...I'm just sayin. I could smoke it either way though.
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    your an idiot.

    a filter does two things in a joint. it filters some of the smoke, tar, and other shit. and it helps the end of jay keep its form a little better. just because cigs have filters are joints not allowed to have them?

    your right about the filter helping u hit the roach as it gets smaller thought.

    just keep in mind that slang is different everywhere.
  15. With those kind of buds, I'd say you smoke alone quite often.

    (Maybe I'm over anylising things because I am stoned, but that's not me brown nosing)

  16. I have a lot of friends I smoke with, plus my wife of course.
  17. i would want his buds too. that just sounded wrong. :rolleyes: lol
  18. And none of them even know I grow it...they just think I have the world's greatest connect :D

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